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Top Home Security Features That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Today’s society has seen incredible technological advances and we benefit greatly from them. We use tech at home, in our vehicles, at work, and even for leisurely activities. It’s not uncommon for homebuyers to ask their real estate agents to find homes with security features because they want to protect their families and their home.

If you’re going to be selling your home soon and want to appeal to the buyers who want home security features, this is for you. These security features can add quite a bit of value to your home when you have it appraised.

Door locks

When you leave the house, the first line of defense in home security is always going to be locking your doors. While regular door locks will suffice, for people who live in high crime neighborhoods or those who want added peace of mind, smart locks are the way to go.

These locks can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via wi-fi or bluetooth, which allows you to lock and unlock the door even if you aren’t home. Some of these locks have added features that allow you to connect to other smart devices around the home. These include smart thermostats, smart lights, a digital assistant and more.

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Along with locking your doors, you should always make sure any entry point is secured as well. Your windows may have locks on them, which is great, but they can be broken and someone could sneak in that way. But, if you have sensors on your entryways, you’ll be alerted the moment someone tries to open the window (or any other entry point) to get inside.


Even if our entryways are locked and secured, there are misdoings that can happen outside of the home. Have you ever had your packages stolen from your doorstep? Maybe someone vandalized your vehicle or left a not-so-pleasant surprise on your doorstep. Well, you can catch the culprit red handed (so to speak) by installing cameras around your home. Like the smart locks, these cameras can connect to your smart device and alert you when there’s a disturbance outside – be it friend or foe.

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Fingerprint scanners

Just imagine how cool it would be to use a fingerprint scanner in order to gain access to your private sanctum! You can be James Bond!

All jokes aside, a fingerprint scanner might feel like overkill, but think of it as a smart lock’s older sibling. Only the people who have had their fingerprints scanned can enter your home. This can be family members, friends, or even a housesitter. By having a fingerprint scanner, you don’t have to worry about anyone losing their keys because their finger is the key.

Now… If they lose a finger… That’s another story.

Home security is worth the investment

In today’s day and age, it feels like you can never be too safe because you don’t know who you can and cannot trust – especially if you live in a dubious area with a lot of instances of burglaries and vandalism. These home security features can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is locked up tight and you’ll be notified immediately if there’s anything suspicious going on. And buyers will absolutely love that.

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