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Glass Pipes: Beginners Guide To Picking The Best Glass Pipe For You

Cannabis has been legalized in most countries for several years now which means more and more people have discovered its calming effect and health benefits. Aside from its psychoactive effects cannabis is known to help with insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, chronic pain, and other conditions. To gain these benefits, you will want to be able to smoke with something that gives you the most effect and the most flavor. This is where glass pipes come in handy. These portable glass pipes are perfect for smoking on the go without any concern about toxins seeping into the vapor like you may find in other pipes. This makes it one of the most popular ways to smoke cannabis. There are many kinds of glass pipes on this website with different components which makes it difficult to choose which pipe to get for your needs. If you are unsure of which one to pick, this article will help you choose the pipe that is best for you.\

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1. What Are Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are one of the many variations of pipe that are used to smoke weed. They come in several shapes and sizes although they are, by definition, portable, unlike bongs. Their small bowl size makes them ideal for on-the-go sessions. This does mean that the hits are less powerful. Each style of pipe has its benefits due to its differently-sized bowls, carb holes, and stems. There are also different types of smoke chambers. Some glass pipes work with water while others work with air to provide a hit.

2. The Benefits

Aside from glass being fairly easy to maintain, glass pipes are also fairly easy to use, even for someone who isn’t familiar with cannabis use. Depending on the bowl size and the carb hole, you can get a pretty good hit from a glass pipe. They’re also less likely to burn you than something like a corncob pipe. Because of the glass, you’re more likely to get a clean hit out of them without any chemicals from the material of the pipe. These pipes are portable which means they’re good for groups, parties, and on-the-go sessions.

3. The Process

The process to use a glass pipe is pretty simple. Once you have crushed and prepared your cannabis you can pack it into the bowl. Pack the first bit in lightly. If it is packed in too hard this can cause clogging which is a common annoyance when using a pipe that is prone to clogging or a pipe with a narrow stem. Once the cannabis is ignited the smoke that it generates will travel up the pipe. If your pipe has a carb hole, you should place your thumb over it during the lighting process. You will only lift your thumb when you inhale so that the air that comes through the carb hole and directs the smoke into your lungs. This is ideal for getting the most out of your cannabis and not getting as much buildup on the sides of the pipe.

4. The Components

Each type of pipe has different components and each component has its ups and downs. To begin with, the component most are interested in is the bowl. The bowl size determines how much of a hit you can get because the bowl is what holds the cannabis. A smaller bowl means that the pipe will be more portable but it will give less of a punch. The Smoke chamber is another important component. They come in different sizes depending on the pipe and they do differ based on whether or not the pipe uses water to filter. Longer narrower stems help filter the ash before it reaches your mouth. Also if the pipe has a bend shortly after the bowl, ash will gather there. Pipes with carb holes offer more satisfying hits because you can control when the air flows through. Glass is not the most durable material and this means that if the glass the pipe is made out of isn’t good quality it can break easily. Pipes with narrow stems are more likely to break as well.

5. Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance differs depending on the type of glass pipe. Some are prone to clogging but they can be cleaned fairly easily. Curved stemmed pipes can be much harder to clean after prolonged use. Monsoon Pipes, Typhoon Pipes, and Bubblers do need more cleaning as ash can build up in them fairly easily. Steamroller pipes are easier to clean than most because of their shape.

Cover Image by Freepik

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