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10 Apps and Gadgets That Will Turn Your Car Into a Smart Car

Smart cars are all the rage in today’s new car market. However, you do not have to rush out and buy one of those vehicles to enjoy the convenience and enhanced safety found in their remarkable technology.

Thanks to a variety of apps, gadgets, and dongles, your car can function and drive like any of the best smart cars on the market today. Some of them are available for free while others require a minimal one-time investment or monthly subscription.


1. Automatic

Automatic is a service that is available for a one-time purchase price of $99.95. It pairs great with the Automatic app that you can download from iOS or the Google Play store. This service is ideal to use for long road trips or when you are driving into territory that you have never before visited. It gives you details on your driving habits and on your vehicle. It alerts you of engine troubles, low fuel, and fuel efficiency. It also serves as a web dashboard and can even call law enforcement if you are in an accident.

2. Zubie

Zubie is a free dongle that makes available a $99.95 service that allows you to transform your car into a WiFi hotspot. In addition to the yearly subscription price, you are also required to subscribe to a $10 a month Verizon wireless service. In exchange for these subscription prices, you get a service that offers engine diagnostics as well insights about your driving habits and maintenance alerts. Zubie also locates gas stations for you and can summon roadside assistance if you are in an accident or if you experience a vehicle malfunction.

3. iOnRoad

If you want to minimize your chances of being in a car accident during busy traffic, you may do want to download the iOnRoad app from the Google Play store. The ad-free version of the app is available for $1. You can also download the ad-supported version for free if you prefer. This app monitors cars around your vehicle while you are driving, and alerts you if a car gets too close or could cause an accident. It functions by using your smartphone’s camera as well as GPS monitoring.

4. Torque

Torque is a smartphone app that can connect to several different car dongles that vary in price from $20 to $180. Torque itself comes in a free Torque Lite version as well as a full version that sells for $4.99. It offers a wide array of services like tracking fuel efficiency, monitoring speed timing and temperature, and gauging CO2 transmission. You can also set up profiles for multiple drivers as well as share videos and screenshots on social media.

5. Mojio

Mojio is a car dongle that costs $149. It offers a free 12- month service for new subscribers. After the first year, you must subscribe to its service for $4.99 a month. Mojio provides driving analytics, tracks your location, offers vehicle diagnostics, and provides maintenance and recall notices.

6. 180-Degree Rearview Mirror

Seeing what is behind and next to you when you are backing out of a parking spot or driving can be difficult if you rely only on your car’s rearview mirror. If you want to avoid an accident, you can install a gadget like a 180-degree rearview mirror. This invention eliminates your blind spot and lets you see a full 180 degrees around your car. It is easy to clamp onto your car’s existing rearview mirror and typically only weighs around 10 ounces.

7. Dashboard Cameras

Remembering specific details of an accident can be impossible because of the trauma and shock that you experience afterwards. When you want to file a police report or insurance claim, your report may become a matter of your word against that of other people involved in the wreck. You can record what happens while you drive by installing a dashboard camera. This gadget tracks crucial events and uses GPS monitoring so that you know where the event occurred.

8. Aftermarket Rearview Camera

In 2018, aftermarket rearview cameras will be required by law to be installed on all new cars. However, if you do not want to buy a new car and want to use this technology now, you can install your own aftermarket rearview camera. This car safety gadget offers parking assistance, night vision capabilities, and can detect distance between scale lines, among other services.

9. Aftermarket Infotainment System

Most states now have laws that prohibit drivers from texting while driving. While not outlawed, activities like changing the radio station or checking your car’s navigation tools are generally frowned upon by authorities because they lead to distracted driving. Rather than giving up on using this technology, you can enjoy hands-off access to them by installing an aftermarket infotainment system like Parrot Asteroid Mini. This gadget lets you use these devices and also gives you alerts and information on points of interest near you.

10. Modern Radar Detectors

Nothing puts a damper on your driving fun like getting a speeding ticket. When you want a heads-up on speed traps, red lights, and more, you should install a modern radar detector. This technology tracks active red lights as well as detects the locations for speed cameras. It sends this information and other weekly updates directly to your smartphone so that you can keep cops off your back. It also warns you of upcoming speed cameras and lets you know how fast you are driving.


Smart technology is available for your car without you having to go out and buy a brand new smart car. These dongles, gadgets, and apps make driving safer and more enjoyable. They also give you access to technology that will soon be required of all new cars in the future. As convenient and fun as they are to use, however, you are reminded to remain alert and to avoid becoming distracted by them while driving your car.

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