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7 Best Free Website Hosting

The main components that you need to start your website are Domain and hosting.  To get a good domain you don’t have to invest lots of money, but to get a good quality hosting you have to spend good money. If you want to start a simple blog or a portfolio, then you don’t want to invest in expensive hosting. So in this post, I will give you a list of 7 best free website hosting that you can use to host your portfolio or your hobby blog.

The one thing I would like to let you know is that with free hosting service doesn’t come with all the features, so if you want your hosting must have all the features and good support then you should choose paid hosting service.

But if you only want a hosting to start a blog for your hobby or to host your portfolio then you can use free web hosting. So without wasting more time let’s start our list.

1.  000WebHost

000WebHost provides a free hosting option so it does not require a credit card. In the free plan, 000WebHost offers features like 300 MB disk space, 3GB Bandwidth, a community forum, and one website.

If you host your website on 000WebHost then your website visitors won’t see any ads. But you can see ads in your WordPress Dashboard.

2.  InfinityFree 

InfinityFree is also a very good option for free hosting. It offers multiple features to users like free subdomains, unlimited storage, 400MySQL Database, unlimited Bandwidth, and knowledge support.

You can easily integrate your Domain with this free hosting. Once you publish your website your visitor will not see any ads on the front panel of the website but in the C-panel and backend of your website, you will get ads.

3.  AwardSpace

AwardSpace offers lots of hosting plans but in this blog, we will only discuss the free plan. In its free plan AwardSpace offer features like three subdomains, 1GB Disk space, 5GB Bandwidth, and 24/7 live chat support. One of the most interesting features of AwardSpace is that they provide 24/7 live chat support.

Once you publish your website then your visitors will not see ads on the front end of your website. And you can also monetize your website with ads If you want.

4.  Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud hosting is not free but it offers a one-year free trial. With that, you can host one website and it provides unlimited storage and document support.

To start with this hosting all you need is a Google account. The free trial lasts until you use you $300 credit or 1 year.

5.  Freehostia

Freehostia provides lots of hosting plans including free and paid but in this blog, we will discuss the benefits of the free plan.

In the free plan you can host 5 websites, you will get 250 MB disk space, 6 GB bandwidth, and a ticket support option. If you face any issues in setting up your website, then you can raise a support ticket.

6.  ByetHost

ByetHost also provides lots of hosting plans, with a free plan they provide features like 5GB Disk space, unlimited bandwidth, one MySQL database, and a ticket-based support system.

ByetHost provide good support in the free plan. You can also see your usage statistics such as bandwidth usage and daily hits.

7.  HyperPHP

HyperPHP is a free hosting service provider in free hosting they offer features like 1GB Disk space, MySQL Database, free tech support, and a community forum.

With the help of HyperPHP, you can easily publish your website and you can easily transfer your domain.


If you choose free hosting for your website, then you may have to face some issues. Even if you choose the best free hosting for your website sometime you may have to face a problem of low loading time. Low performance and traffic issues. That’s why it is always recommended if you want to start your business website or money making website then you have to choose paid hustings because they provide everything you need to start your journey online, if you only want to start a blog for a just hobby then you can use free hosting services

So that’s all from this blog I hope you liked the list of 7 best free website hosting. If you found this article valuable, then please share it with your friends.

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