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Questions to Ask When Looking for Paint Protection Pros in Your Area

Although the brand name, mileage, and other technical details are essential when buying a new vehicle, the colour grabs your attention first. Maintaining the colour of the paint for a long time is a daunting task.

It is advisable to opt for paint protection to maintain your new car’s shine and glossy look in harsh climatic conditions.

What is Paint Protection, and What Options are Available?

The paint and coatings manufacturing industry in Australia is worth around $3 billion.

A paint protection film is an invisible protective layer that seals your vehicle against damaging elements. Although it doesn’t save your automobile from heavy damage and dents, it helps keep the exteriors shiny for a longer time.

The coating is made of an elastomeric polymer made of urethane. It prevents the paint from oxidising and fading faster.

Paint protection can also be applied to old cars after a paint correction detail to give them an extra layer of polish.

Some other standard car paint protection options are common waxes, acrylic sealants, and ceramic coatings.

Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting a Paint Protection Company for Your Vehicle

What are the Costs for Different Vehicles?

Paint protection costs vary according to the dimensions and type of automobiles.

Companies offer painting services for cars, caravans, recreational vehicles, jet skis, and boats. You have to search for the best company that can paint your vehicle.

It is advisable to find the costs and compare the rates between different brands. Some companies also offer discounts for annual subscriptions.

What Kind of Paints Do They Use?

Reputed paint protection pros use the best quality of paints and ceramic coatings for your vehicles. It is essential to select a company that uses certified and non-toxic products.

Non-toxic paints are best suitable for the boating industry as they protect marine life. You should select a company that uses SGS-automotive protectant coating. SGS is a Swiss company that provides testing and certification services. These paints do not peel off easily.

Using the best paint protection gives added benefits like:

  • UV protection
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Easy cleaning option
  • Longer durability

How Long is the Application Process?

A paint protection application process will take a few hours. It depends on the size and previous conditions of the vehicle.

Does The Company Offer Home Services?

Many automobile paint protection companies provide mobile services. You may need a garage or a large covering for your vehicle during the application process.

When Can You Clean Your Vehicle After the Painting Process?

Professional paint protection services give you the tips and tricks to maintain your vehicle after the application.

It is desirable to wait for at least a week before washing your automobile after adding a paint protection layer. The company should guide you with the proper cleaning techniques.

What is the Warranty for the Paint Protection?

Companies using Ceramic Pro paints offer a minimum of five years of warranty against limited environmental damages. It would be best if you enquired for a warranty card from the dealer along with a tax receipt when you purchase a service.

What are the Payment Options Available?

Most reputed paint protection companies have multiple payment options like cash, credit, or debit cards. You can choose an expert paint service that suits your budget and payment technique.

Final Note

A professional paint protection treatment can maintain the new look of your vehicle for a long time. It can also prevent regular wear and tear from acidic and chemical reactions in rainfall.

It is advisable to find a reputed painting company that uses advanced technology to give the best results for your vehicle.

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