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Live Transcription for Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings have been the new normal since early 2020. From classrooms to corporate meetings to family reunions, folks have vouched for the benefits and relevance of the online means of communication.

Zoom has helped many people to connect and interact based on their purposes. No matter what your purpose is, you’ve probably realized the importance of note-taking to follow all the important points spoken in meetings. Normally, you would take a paper and pen to write the notes. But we have proven many times that this method is ineffective because there’s a risk of missing some important points and highlights. After all, not all of us can perfectly multi-task.

But there are some ways that you can try to take notes during online meetings automatically.

Yes, you can use automatic tools if you cannot rely 100% on your hand-writing. If you are taking meetings through Zoom, you could consider using these methods to record your meetings.

Using Google Docs’ Voice Typing feature

If you are using Google Docs, it will be easy to do this. You could open Google Docs in one tab. Then enable the voice typing feature.

In your Google Docs, find Tools, then select Voice Typing.

This voice-typing feature can run in the background. So, when you use Zoom for meetings, the Google Docs will capture everything the speakers say automatically.

Their words will be automatically typed in your Google doc. Of course, it will start recording after you turn the mic on.

After that, you can proofread the sentences and edit the file.

The good thing is that you can get the most ideas from the meeting. But this method comes with some flaws.

First, Google Voice Typing is not perfect yet. We’ve noticed some errors. It was typing the wrong words. To be noted, our speakers were US native speakers.

The second takeaway that we’d like to highlight is that we cannot track the action items. We also don’t know who were the speakers since there is no speaker ID in the transcription results.

Zoom Recording Features

Zoom itself has two recording features that you can use to record your meetings in real time: Local recording, and cloud recording.

Local recording allows users to record meeting video and audio on their computer. This Zoom native feature is available for both free and paid subscribers.

After storing the results of the meetings, you can upload the file to cloud file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

It works for Zoom desktop clients for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Local recording is not available for iOS and Android devices. It does not have an audio transcription feature, so you cannot track the action points of your meeting.

The next choice is Cloud Recording. Cloud Recording is only available for paid subscribers.

You could record the Zoom meeting transcription and get the video, audio, as well as chat text in the Zoom meeting. All of these files will be stored on the Zoom cloud. You can then download the files to your computer or stream them through your favorite browser.

Cloud recordings allow you to record the meeting in different layouts, including gallery view, shared screen, and active speaker. But once again, it does not come with summary, highlights, and action points results.

For easy review and tracking of your meetings’ progress and results, there is a better note-taking tool that you can use, namely Notiv.

The recording feature of Notiv allows

Local and cloud recording from Zoom are good enough to help you transcribe the meetings. But those have unforgivable downsides. Since they don’t summarize and fetch the action points for you, it will be hard to track your meetings’ progress with it. You can search it manually using some keywords, but it will take more time.

We are not defaming the native features of Zoom. They are both good, but not good enough if you want to cover all of the important points in your meetings.

Here we recommend you the better option, called Notiv Note Taker software. Backed by AI technology, it allows you to record, transcribe, and summarize the meetings to help you conclude the results of the meetings and the next agendas to be conducted with your collaborating teams.

Thanks to sophisticated AI technology, you will be able to cover all of the important aspects in your meetings. At the end of the transcription, it comes up with complete files, summary, action points, as well as highlights. These components allow you to review the meetings in no time. You can also share the results with your colleagues.

Notiv works like your virtual assistant who helps you track the meetings in all parts. With this software, you can easily search the transcript. Then you can summarize the decisions and actions, as well as sharing the results with your clients, partners, or other people.

Its transcription service is so great and accurate, so you won’t miss a single thing from your meetings. The Notiv will start recording in real time as soon after you start the meeting activity.

Notiv’s AI-driven technology can help you to create actions and tasks based on the results of meetings. To ease you in tracking the personals, there is also speaker ID in the results files. In a nutshell, you are able to track down every element of the meeting without leaving a single tiny detail.

A key to a successful meeting is when the participants of the meetings have the same common grounds and objectives. Everyone on board knows each other’s roles and next actions to take based on the meeting outcome. Back then, many people missed the details because they could not focus 100% on the meeting. They were busy with their pen and paper.

But with Notiv, you can reduce these burdensome multi-tasks or completely get rid of them. Therefore, you can be 100% present in the conversation, and let Notiv help you from the background.

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