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3 Best Flat Fee MLS Companies in Massachusetts

Low inventory and increased buyer demand are the reason Massachusetts’ homes are achieving record-breaking prices. But these reasons are also the cause of more Massachusetts sellers seriously looking into an FSBO sale. This way, sellers can keep most of the profit from the sale while having complete control of the process.

Although an FSBO sale can be appealing, to achieve a lucrative sale, you need to use a flat fee MLS Massachusetts sellers use to attain success selling their properties.

3 Of the Best Flat Fee MLS Massachusetts Sellers Use

Beyond posting your home on an MLS, Massachusetts flat fee listing services should also be assessed based on their ability to get your home sold, simplify the selling process, and if they provide value for money. With this in mind, we’ve determined the best flat fee MLS Massachusetts sellers can access.


Starting at $259, Houzeo’s most basic package starts is perfect for land sales. However, for the average seller, feature-rich options are available for $399; purchasing this package, sellers access state and federal disclosures at no additional charge.

Like other entries on this list, Houzeo syndicates to all MLS Massachusetts buyer agents use. Yet, they stand out from other options because of the simplicity of the service.

Houzeo’s made it easy to create, syndicate, negotiate, and close a deal using their digital infrastructure. You complete the entire process online, which – besides saving you money, also saves you time. Furthermore, you can decide the commission the buyer agent receives, as they allow you to select a percentage from 0.25 to 4%.

Entry Only

Entry Only boasts 6,381 nationwide sales since launching in 2006, making them one of the most prolific flat fee MLS listing Massachusetts sellers use. With the cost to list starting at $499, sellers get many standard features, including 20 property images and state and federal disclosures.

Where they fall short, though, is the inability to do all the most pertinent tasks online. Sellers are essentially left to fend for themselves and negotiate with interested buyers in an outdated format.

Landfall Properties LLC

The most amazing aspect of Landfall Properties LLC is that sellers can use their service to list for free. While this may seem enticing, it is the bare-bones option that lists your property on REALTOR. Using this option, you also don’t have control over the buyer agent’s commission as you’ll have to pay between 2% and 2.5%. To get syndication to Massachusetts MLS, you need to pay $499 or 1% commission. These options are a bit more robust, as you get access to an escrow service, syndication to Massachusetts MLS in addition to electronic signature service.

Before you decide which flat fee MLS in Massachusetts you should list your property with, assess the features of each. Keep in mind that your selection will determine if the process is effortless and whether the sale will be rewarding.

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