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A Guide to Find the Best Student Accommodation Near the University of Queensland

The University of Queensland, located in Brisbane, is one of the oldest universities in the world. It is ranked among the top 50 universities worldwide, offering various courses for graduates and undergraduate students.

Studying at the University of Queensland is every student’s dream. Finding the right student accommodation in Australia is an even more challenging task. International students studying in the country need to find a comfortable place to live.

Here are a few tips for researching and guiding you to find the best accommodation options available near the campus.

Start Looking out for Places As Soon As Possible

As soon as you have applied to the University of Queensland, you can start looking for student accommodation options to get the best place.

You can start by doing online research on sites like to know about the options available in that location.

If you have friends or relatives staying in Australia or near the University of Queensland, you can always ask help from them to select the best homes in Brisbane, or click this site.

Check the Options Available for International Students

A variety of student housing options are available for international students near the University of Queensland. These include the following:

  • On-Campus Housing: The University of Queensland provides on-campus housing options. But, you should thoroughly check the prices and availability of places to stay. Select the one that suits your budget. All the homework should be done before you arrive in Australia. Remember, on-campus options have limited availability, so you need to be proactive about booking them.
  • Purpose-Built Student Housing: The purpose-built student housing facilities provide fully furnished rooms with additional amenities like gyms and a TV room. They are usually built around the location surrounding the University. You can find convenient and comfortable accommodation to live in on reputable websites.
  • Homestays: Homestays offer a home-like place for students from all over the world. It will help you integrate into the Australian culture easily. You can find many websites that can help you find the best places, but they may not offer the comfort, environment, or convenience you need for your studies.
  • Rental Property: Shared accommodation is the best option to save money in a foreign country. Do a detailed study of your housemates before sharing your place. You can always choose a rental property to stay in and share with other housemates. The roommates can pool in money to buy or rent the furniture. They can also share the other expenditures like gas bills, electricity bills, food, and others.
  • Apartments: There are many apartments near the University of Queensland to choose from. Here, students also have the independence of living independently. As the demand for such houses is higher, start looking for accommodation as soon as your orientation at the University begins.

Calculate your Budget

Places near the University of Queensland can be expensive. Always analyse and calculate your budget to rent a place to live. It will help you narrow down on options and find accommodation fast.

There are many things that you may need to set up a house. It would help if you calculated the other expenses like furniture and other essentials too.

Whenever you wish to rent a place, it will require time and effort to do the paperwork for the agreement. Make sure you get all the details clarified from your landlord and accordingly sign the paper to avoid discrepancies.

Moving to a new country and staying around new people can be intimidating. A place without friends and relatives makes you feel insecure and apprehensive about the decision to relocate. Student accommodation should make you feel safe and secured.

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