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Things to know before getting TSheets

TSheets is a time and attendance tracking system for small businesses. The main pros of TSheets are customer support and integration with QuickBooks. The most significant drawbacks of TSheets is its high pricing and very complicated user interface. Keep reading if you want a deeper dive and understanding.

TSheets Features

  • Time tracking on desktop and via mobile apps
  • GPS tracking capability
  • Payroll integration
  • Timesheet reports
  • Time punch kiosk

TSheets time tracking

TSheets allows you to track time through desktop on the web app and also through its Android and iOS mobile apps. With the apps, you can do more than track time. You can edit time, view your schedules, and request time off and more through the mobile app. The mobile app is convenient because no longer do employees have to guesstimate their times worked. Most people carry smartphones these days so you can rest assured that your employees will track time accurately.

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GPS Tracking

TSheets also come with GPS tracking to ensure that employees are where they need to be. Too often, employers have to wonder if their employees are showing up on time to jobs or even working the hours they claim. With TSheets, employers can verify the locations of employees to ensure that they are properly held accountable.

With respect to accountability, adding a location tracking tool like TSheets enables team members to be held more accountable.

Payroll/Accounting integration

Time worked eventually ends up turning into payroll hours. TSheets integrates with some payroll systems to make processing payroll much more comfortable. Also, there are many accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero that TSheets can integrate with.

Timesheet reports

Being able to generate reports from time worked is essential. In fact to run payroll, you need to be able to create timesheet reports. TSheets does offer a way to create reports for hours worked and also for job costing.

Time punch kiosk

TSheets gives you several ways to clock in and out. One such way is through the kiosk app. The kiosk app is essentially a tablet app that allows multiple people to clock in or clock out from one device. Typically the tablet or iPad is mounted on a wall or placed at a central location where employees can enter a PIN to clock in and out. This can be helpful for your business if you have one central place for employees to clock in and out.

TSheets Pros

TSheets is a robust and flexible time tracking system that can meet the needs of many businesses. Many businesses of all kinds can benefit from using TSheets is a time tracker.

Customer support is one of the strengths of TSheets. The folks at TSheets are known to be accessible over phone, chat, or email.

Since TSheets got acquired by Intuit, it has been able to deepen its integrations with QuickBooks Online. This means that moving your timesheets from TSheets to QuickBooks is quite seamless.

TSheets Review | Keep Track of Your Employees' Hours & Performance

TSheets Cons

It is not the cheapest time tracking or timesheet software out there. The starting price is at $8/user/month with a $20 base fee. You can learn more about TSheets pricing here.

TSheets is a costly product, and you can get similar products for cheaper. If cost is important to you, then you will want to look at other TSheets alternatives.

Complicated User Interface

The TSheets user interface can be quite complicated to use. It has a lot of floating windows, which makes it not very intuitive to use. Simplicity is key to getting things done efficiently. Having to spend time rearranging windows is not the best use of anyone’s time.

Overall, TSheets is a good time tracker that can meet your needs. However, many other apps do a great job with tracking time, location, and even mileage, such as Timeero, for a more affordable price.

If you are interested in learning more about other alternatives to TSheets, you can start right here.

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