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7 Tech-Tips For Improving Workplace Communication

Everyone needs to work. It’s a fact of life. In an ideal world, we would all live on a tropical island, sipping cocktails and swimming the day away. But until that happens, you need to work for a living. Yet sometimes it can be a drag, mainly when teams don’t communicate. Siloed workplaces can hinder productivity and make getting the job done a real drag. But technology can break down these barriers and make workplace communication, collaboration, and cooperation much more manageable. Let’s explore seven tech-tips that make this easy.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that is part chat-room, part file-sharing, and all business. It should sync up with your organisation’s global address book, so anyone in your company can join in. You can create different “teams” for separate projects and keep all your communication in the one platform. It eliminates the need for long, cumbersome email threads and is a useful communication tool. It can also integrate with your other workplace apps, making it a one-stop-shop for collaboration.

Skype for Business

Skype for business is a great instant messaging and video call software that can assist remote teams to get work done smarter. You can host meetings on it too, which helps when you have remote team members. It even has some cool emojis as a plus.


Slack is a chat-room for the workplace. You can have infinite “channels,” which are essentially chat-rooms. It also offers a private messaging system so you can have confidential conversations. It has call features too, but Skype is better for this.,

Old Fashioned Mobile Phones

Don’t forget the humble mobile phone when it comes to workplace communication. Some organisations don’t even invest in landlines, having all their staff on mobile. When it comes to practical, quick contact, you can’t beat a text message. Running late? Flick a quick text to your boss and team. Need to make a quick call while in transit? Jump on the mobile.


Trello is a brilliant project management tool based on the Japanese manufacturing system of kanban boards. You have a “board,” which is full of vertical “lists,” which in turn contain cards that can be moved between lists. On a card, you can attach files, comment, tag your teammates, and communicate in other ways. Trello is excellent for managing projects across teams or when people work remotely.


Email is considered dated by some, but it can be a useful communication tool if used correctly. It may also be more suitable for some contexts, like when you need to contact a senior manager or HR. Using some of the other methods detailed in this article may be deemed inappropriate for some communications. So, please don’t discount the power of email when it comes to communication. There’s a time and a place for everything.

Training is a Must

All of these tools are useless if people won’t use them. Some staff, particularly older folks, might need some encouragement and training to support them to adopt these technologies. So, make it a parallel process – invest in the tech, but also invest in your people and upskill them.

A Communication Conclusion

There are heaps of technological communication tools out there to improve workplace productivity. We’ve listed them in this article: Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, and Trello are some. But don’t neglect the humble mobile phone or email systems either. Finally, ensure staff are supported to adopt new tech with appropriate training and support. Then watch your business thrive and buzz with communication and collaboration. It’s a brave new world!

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