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Jib Cranes for Sale – A Comprehensive Support Crane!

A jib crane is a type of crane that supports a movable hoist. The hoist is fixed to a wall or a floor mounted pillar. These find their uses in industrial premises also on military vehicles. The jib may swing through an arc, to give additional movement laterally. It can also be fixed.

Numerous sub-classification of these jib cranes is possible. The lifting capacity of these cranes may vary from half a ton to 200 tones and their outreach can be from a few meter to 50 meters. The lifting heights of these jib cranes can be 30 meters or more.

Applications of Jib Cranes

  • These are used in the port area
  • Construction site
  • Other miscellaneous outdoor work
  • Handling general cargo
  • Lifting heavy machinery and equipment

Types of Jib Cranes

There are lot of jib cranes and each one is classifies by the means of the use that these cranes are put to. These are classified mainly based on their mountings. These are

  • Hand operated Scotch Derrick – These are very simple cranes that are used to do some serious heavy lifting.
  • Wall Mounted Jib Cranes – These cranes are used in warehouses for handling light weight and when there is an absence of wharf between them and the water front. The motion levels are slow and the rotational levels are specific to the location and the mount. In some customized versions these cranes have travelling speed that is commendable along the wall for enhanced performance.
  • Wharf cranes – portal, semi portal – These are mainly used in the ports and in the shipyards and these handle unit and bulk loads. These are slow in movement and are self-propelled cranes. These maybe of different types depending on the structure on which these are mounted. Some of the types of wharf cranes are – high pedestal, full portal and semi portal cranes.
  • Mobile Jib cranes consisting of truck mounted and crawler mounted cranes – These are power driven cranes and these include all types of jib travelling cranes such as truck mounted, crawler mounted and the locomotive cranes that ply on rails.

Jib Crane for Sale


  • There are many places to see your used jib cranes. For instance, there are auctions that take place in a garage sale or a yard. You can enlist there and sell your cranes for the value that you intend to.
  • Online auctions and selling websites. There are many online portals that help you register as a seller and let you get rid of your used jib crane. The parts of a crane are also sold separately. This medium helps you to come in direct contact with the buyer without any middleman in between, thus ensuring you get the best deal out of a selling contract.
  • Apart from all this, there are other buyer seller interactive markets that can help you get a good value on your crane.

The New Jib Crane and the Entertainment Industry

Jib Cranes can also find their use in the entertainment industry. These are used for wide angle shots and such cranes are chosen that are malleable for the purpose. In these ones used for the entertainment industry, the camera is fixed on the arm of the jib crane. It is then rotated to an angle that is conducive enough to take video shots and this way the camera has a larger motion great for taking shots. The camera is also attached to a supporting device such as the tripod for better angles. Hence, jib crane for sale find their utility in the mass media also.

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