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How can VPN support Remote Working?

In 2020, we were all forced to leave our office spaces and work remotely from home. Even the most technologically challenged individual was forced to embrace technology and work remotely for his organisation. As the lockdown was suddenly implemented, employees could not even collect their official laptops or PC’s to perform their official work, thus, they had to use their systems for work. In this scenario, the aspect of data security must be taken into consideration. It is important to provide the employees with a secure and reliable too to connect with the official computer networks.

The most reliable tool that can protect the data for everyone who is working outside the office is the VPN or Virtual Private Networks. The remote access VPN’s help individuals to establish a safe link between their devices and the office network. With the support of a VPN, employees can access all the important data stored on the network and work from anywhere without any hindrance.

How does the remote access VPN work?

The VPN creates a virtual tunnel between the personal device and the company’s network. This tunnel passes through every kind of public networks and protects your data with encryption and other security measures. Companies can either set up their remote access VPNs or opt for a VPN service provider.

What are the advantages of VPN for those who are working from Home?

1. Enhanced Security

With Covid-19, majority of us are still working from home, we must be using our Wi-fi to connect to the office network and share files. Our office network is a storehouse of data as it contains information that, when compromised can cause losses to the business. Thus, to ensure that security is never compromised, irrespective of where or how we work, VPN must be used. VPN will camouflage your IP address and safeguard your data from being watched by the unwanted visitors.

2. Disables the ISP from watching you

You have paid for your internet, but that alone does not ensure data security. Your internet service provider can view all the information you access through the internet, including your passwords. Well! if this sounds scary, the good news is that a VPN can encrypt your data and make it so safe that even your ISP’s cannot access it.

3. Cost-Effective

Compared to the value of your data, the cost of installing a VPN is less. There are many VPN service providers in the market, but choose the one that provides you with the best features and allows you to freely, access the content of the country you belong to. For instance, if you are from Japan, but working in London, then select a VPN service provider with servers in Japan.

4. Makes Public Wi-fi’s safe

Without a VPN, public Wi-Fi networks can be a nightmare. However, by providing VPN’s to all employees, companies in sleep in peace. Now, you can work at the airport, cafe, or a hotel. VPN passes through all Public WIFI’s and encrypts your data so that no unwanted visitors can peep in.

5. Boosts Productivity

When employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime, it makes them happier and boosts their productivity. VPN is a gift for companies who want their employees to work from home or at offsite locations. Employees can safely and freely access the company network from anywhere and never let work suffer due to unavailability at the office.

The Bottom Line

VPN is the best solution for being secured online. It not only saves us from vicious hackers but also keeps us protected from our Internet Service Providers. Along with security, there are many other benefits that a VPN offers – best deals, bypassing geographical restrictions, anonymous browsing is just a few of the many advantages of a VPN. Thus, for those who are working remotely this year, get a VPN now.

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