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Best VPNs today For Browsing The Internet Securely

Working from home is more and more an option these days, when there is a worldwide epidemic and over one billion people on the globe are confined to homes. Many of those which work from home are logged online, and so they know that in most cases they need a good VPN for their work to go smoothly and undisturbed.

But what is a VPN?

VPN comes from virtual private network, which extends a private network across a public one. This way, the users can send and receive data across the public network or across a shared one.

In terms of privacy, a VPN allows the use to create a secure connection, which by the way is needed by most of the companies that have a work from home feature.

Putting it simple: The VPN connects your laptop, smartphone, table, PC, whatever the device is, to a server, and then you can browse the Internet using that server. Is like creating a tunnel through which all the data goes to this secure remote server operated using a VPN service. In this way, your device has the IP address of that server, thus your identity and location are hidden from other eyes.

That’s helpful both professional and personal.

What exactly does a VPN?

A VPN enables the user to do a lot of things, although being a quite simple tool:

  • to access a business network while travelling,
  • to access the home network while travelling,
  • download files,
  • bypass Internet censorship,
  • access sites which are blocked in other countries.

So, what VPN should we use, and which is the best?

Each user can theoretically finds their own VPN, browsing through the Internet to find the best VPN providers. For this matter, there are sites, like, which is an Internet VPN information center. It provides information about dozens of VPN service companies in the world. There are quite a few details to bear in mind regarding a VPN service:

  • privacy laws
  • encryption
  • protocols
  • log retention

The best thing about is that it has reviews from experts on best services on the market, regarding the speed, pricing, reliability and also security. So, each VPN service has an overall rating based on the reviews, thus making it easy to choose. Some of the best ranked are ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN.

How do I know what VPN service is the best?

The VPN services are ranked based on recommendation, on average review scores, pricing, or even having the money back in different number of days.

But that’s not all. Users can choose a service based on different aspects and needs:

  • the main activity: streaming, torrenting, gaming, watching Netflix,
  • operating system: Android, iOS, Linux, Max, Windows,
  • country: United States, Russia, United Kingdom, China.

In this way, is a website where you can choose very precisely what VPN service to purchase. Either reviews from experts, from clients, pricing or other details or needs, there are all covered.

Is entirely up to the user to decide which is the best provider, based on so many factors to take into account. The good news is that there are maybe hundreds of options, and having many filters will eventually lead you to the most accurate response.

OK, how much does it cost?

There are very different range of prices, and pricing is not quite related to ranking or reviews, it just depends on what you need. Some of the best VPN services start from as low as $1.99, but they range up to $12.95 or more. There are also VPN services that cost even less, but you have to skip good reviews to find them, so it’s up to every user’s choice.

Bottom line, a VPN service is very helpful and unlocks so many useful tools and tricks for any Internet user. And having a very well documented VPN base is the starting point to choose the best for anyone.

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