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How to Track Down Every Site You’ve Registered to

Have you ever been required to pay for a service you didn’t even use because you forgot all about it and you were no longer in the trial period? Are you bothered by annoying emails you keep getting from sites you subscribed to? Now there are many ways to avoid all these problems and other inconveniences caused by subscriptions you no longer remember. Here are 4 tools that can help you track down every site you’ve registered to.


Use Your Google Account

Using Google OAuth enables you to find out all the applications you’ve registered to and granted access. In this case, we are talking about those apps that allowed you to sign up using your Google Account. This type of subscription is accompanied by a step that requires you to grant access to the application which will be able to access your data. If you want to see all these applications, you need to go to Google Accounts, view the connected applications and sites and choose the notifications you still want to receive and how you want to get them.


Many companies use email marketing as a strategy, but sometimes getting to many newsletters becomes frustrating. This tool helps you identify the online applications you registered to using your email address and cancel unnecessary subscriptions. Identifight aims to help people protect their personal data and limit their exposure; it enables users to see what personal details are available for everyone because of their email subscription. After you get to see all your subscriptions, this tool also helps you limit the visibility to your personal information by breaking the link between your email address and your personal information. Don’t panic when Identifight itself asks you to submit your email address; this is what helps the tool perform the search.


If you are afraid of being hacked through your Facebook or other email accounts, protect your identity with Bobby. This application which was previously called Billy enables you to track down all the sites you have registered to and paid a monthly fee. The tool basically tracks down your online regular payments and shows you a list of all the online services you are required to pay for. Popular subscriptions to services like Dropbox, Netflix or Evernote are set by default, but you are also able to customize your bobby account and add other subscriptions. This is an effective tool that helps you manage your online payments easier by:

  • sending you notifications with the payment’s due date
  • showing you a detailed situation of how much money each site cashes in from you

Unroll Me

Unroll Me is another useful app that can help you find out which sites you’ve subscribed. The tool provides you a clear list of all the apps and platforms that are connected to your email address. After you browse through your subscriptions, Unroll Me offers you the possibility to easily unsubscribe from any unwanted site. After you cleared things out, you also get the chance to organize your current subscriptions and lists all the desired newsletters in one place called the Rollup which you access via email.

Now that you know where to turn to for help, start cleaning up your inbox. These user-friendly tools can help you save a lot of time you usually spend throwing all that junk mail away and they also help you protect the personal information you provide by subscribing.

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