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How high-class casino gaming has become inclusive to everyone

Casino gaming has been popular for hundreds of years and, despite being loved by people from all backgrounds, there was a time that casinos were strictly a show of wealth, and were dominated by the upper class.

Read on to find out why that is – and how casinos have evolved today to become more inclusive for everyone to enjoy.

The history

During the middle-ages, gambling was enjoyed by the rich and poor alike. Whilst the poor would bet on whatever they could pull together – enjoying selective games at pubs and other social gatherings – the rich would have access to chess, horse racing and fighting, so could splurge whilst betting on these. In 1190, King Richard introduced legislation to regulate gambling – creating a limit of 20 shillings per day (almost £2800 at current value). Gambling was seen as an illegal activity, but this didn’t stop its popularity from rising. In fact, laws were put in place that meant only people with enough wealth could bet in the places it was legal.

Over time, minimum wage rose, and more people were able to up their stakes. Gambling was no longer for the royals and upper classes, but became a little more inclusive.

Dress to impress

With casinos being catered to only the wealthy upon opening, the attire first worn to the buildings would be a display of this. Players would wear their finest garments and most expensive jewelry- from evening gowns to a full black-tie suit. This would boost their confidence, show off the money they had to spare, and intimidate other players. These days, a lot of casinos do have a strict dress code – especially at night – requiring players to dress to impress and keep the lavish atmosphere alive. After all, wearing flip flops whilst gliding around marble columns and expensive artwork doesn’t quite seem right, does it?

The modern day

In the modern day, casinos are closer than ever before, and available from wherever you have access to the internet. Whilst casinos will never go out of style, online gaming is seeing a rise in popularity, with a huge variety of games available to play.

Nowadays, there are specific games for ‘high rollers’. In fact, some casinos such as The Hippodrome in London, have a whole VIP floor dedicated to high rollers. With the minimum wage being higher, more and more people are able to dress up and waltz into a casino to enjoy not just the gaming, but the bars, restaurants and entertainment. Whilst some luxury resorts are definitely more affordable for the people with millions to spare, for the general public, the casino experience is never too far away.


Casinos have become even more inclusive, as they are now available to everyone, with affordability and small minimum bets that allow players to stay in control of their budget, as well as there being a vast selection of games at online casinos. Online casinos offer traditional table games, Slots, Lotteries, sports betting and so much more to anyone with an internet connection.

Not only this, but online casinos offer live dealer casino where you can play virtually face to face with a dealer who is being livestreamed in real-time, straight to your device. The live casino online at Betfair offers an incredible immersive experience, and is available to anyone who wants to sign up. Some online casinos even offer joining bonuses such as free spins, so you could potentially boost your bankroll, without even opening your wallet, or having to change into your fanciest attire.

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