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Glimpse of Autonomous cars [Infographic]

Karl Benz developed world’s first four-wheel passenger transport vehicle in 1886 and then automobile industry proliferated in lightning fast speed. People were anomalous to see a variety of new inventions immerging every day in the automobile and started to sense what will be the future. Today we are in the age where autonomous cars are ready to occupy the world. The first self-sufficient car had appeared in 1995 when Navlab 5 successfully drive coast-to-coast in the USA automatically. Since then numerous companies are researching to add new feathers of success in this industry.

Autonomous cars are generally developed for reasons like reducing traffic collisions, lower fuel consumptions, reducing accident rates and reducing crime. Autonomous vehicles guide themselves while steering through obstacles since it has elements like Radar sensors, video cameras, GPS, GNSS. Many companies are set to launch their vehicles in upcoming years. Some of them are Audi, Toyota, Tesla, Delphi, etc. GetOffRoad has created an infographic named as “The growth of Autonomous car market which contains all about autonomous cars including the history of these cars, science behind the wheels and projected growth of the market. Have a look.

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