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Why List Building Is Important For Business

A list is a collection of emails that customers and potential customers give to your business in exchange for your updates, special offers, and more. You have to ask them to sign up first. If you have not built an email list yet, these are the reasons why you should build one now. If you have built an email list already, here’s why it’s worth it.

It Ensures You are Talking to Real People

Marketing can be hard when you have only a vague idea of who you are talking to. You will just be studying marketing basics, generalized customer demographics, web page traffic analysis, and social media analytics to come up with something on which you can base the idea of who you are marketing to. It gets harder when internet trolls, digital viruses, and more irrelevant viewers mix their activities into your database. There are internet trolls who give links that, when you click them, will send thousands of fake traffic to your web pages. These kinds of common mischief on the internet can make analytics software give inaccurate results and make marketers post irrelevant content, leading to loss of real customers.

With list building, you have a clear idea of the people you are talking to. When you have their emails, you can see their names, what they like, what they don’t like, which web pages they frequent when they are not on your web pages, and more. This clear and authentic information will help you provide more relevant content. You and your customers will be on the same page. When the internet trolls and their fake traffic attack again, it will be easy for you to identify which traffic is coming from the auto bots and which traffic is coming from your customers. Also, sanity-wise, there is a wonderful feeling that goes with knowing that you are talking to real human beings on the worldwide web.

Most of What You Do is guaranteed to be Seen

A person can make the perfect product, but the perfection does not guarantee that its creator will be successful, because the success of every product hugely depends on persistent marketing. Good marketing takes months of 24/7 promotions and responding to potential customers as soon as possible. Marketers are still humans and still need to eat and sleep, though. How will they succeed?

The trick is to do marketing where it will be most effective. When you compare spending 8 hours posting advertisements on social media versus spending 2 hours of sending emails to your list, the latter wins. Because on social media, your posts get posted alongside many other posts and they show up in everybody’s posts feeds within only a few hours. Most of the owners of those posts feeds are not even online exclusively to read your posts.

With a list, the emails you sent will stay in your subscribers’ email folders until they read those emails. With a list, your emails have a far higher chance of getting read, and there is a higher possibility that you will make sales.

People Truly Want to Hear From You

When you market via social media, you will sometimes receive complaints or strange remarks from irate users who do not like your posts. This is because not everyone in social media is there to hear from you. In your list, the people have signed up for your emails because they want to hear from you and they want to learn more about you. As long as you send your emails at an appropriate frequency and keep the content of your emails relevant, marketing to a list will give you the confidence that you are sending messages to people who are waiting for those messages and you are not annoying anyone. With a list, you have a far lesser chance of receiving complaints or getting reported.

Your Customers are Within Reach

Some of the top marketing channels are social media and email. Except for marketers, social media is classified as “play” to most people. Your customers don’t go to social media when they are at work, but they check their emails. The first thing that most people do when they wake up in the morning is to check their email, and they are focused on the emails they receive all throughout the day. Marketing through a list allows you to talk to them whenever you choose and wherever they go. In social media, they might be offline at the time of your posting, or they might be asleep. Your posts will get pushed by newer posts of other people, and companies out of the posts feed while your customers are away. With a list, they will find your emails when they return.

You Remain in Your Customers’ Minds

From time to time, you will get customers who are not on social media. They will just find your web page and like it. In their busy lives, they will forget you and go somewhere else on the internet. If they happen to remember anything from your web page that they liked, they are going to Google Search it. What if you have lost your top rank in Google Search results? Making new customers sign up for inclusion in your list will not only keep them from forgetting about you. You will also remain with them even when you lose your place in Google Search results.

You are in Control

When you market via social media and online ads, your marketing processes are controlled by other companies. Facebook, Twitter, and more make rules on how many posts you can make, who can see your posts, etc. If they happen to update their Terms of Service and a part of your marketing campaign becomes prohibited, you will get a penalty or get banned. In social media and online ads, you always have to keep yourself up-to-date with the lengthy rules and regulations to keep your place. With a list, you have more control. It is just between you and your customers. Unlike your likers/followers, your list belongs to you and not to some social media company that might shut down without further notice. Your list will remain for as long as you keep working.


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