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How Important Is It to Identify the Type of Leads You Are Getting

When running a sales and marketing operation, it cannot be easy to know what type of leads you’re getting.

One might think that some are better than others, but the reality is that all lead types are valuable. The key to unlocking one’s revenue potential is identifying which types of leads convert best and then being able to nurture them properly.

This is why it is necessary as marketers to use marketing dashboard software what can help in assessing the quality of leads and figuring out which of them may prove fruitful in the future.

Difference between MQL and SQL

A Qualified Marketing Lead (MQL) is a type of lead that has expressed an interest in your product or service. A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is an MQL that has been identified as having the ability to purchase.

How to nurture qualified leads?

When organizations nurture marketing-qualified potentials, they are helping them with their problems. Companies want to help them so that they will buy your product or service.

One can do this by sending emails, phone calls, and other forms of communication. One can also use marketing automation software to ease the process.

The key is not always about getting as many people as possible into your sales funnel but nurturing those already there and helping them solve their problems so that they will become customers for life!

What to do with unqualified aspects?

Once organizations know the type of opportunities they are getting, taking action is important. Here are some tips on what not to do with unqualified leads:

  • Please don’t waste time trying to convert them. Asking a person who is not interested in your product or service to become interested is an exercise in futility.
  • Don’t try to make them qualified. For example, don’t try talking about their needs and telling them how the product or service can solve those needs if they have no idea what the product does.
  • Don’t waste time trying to sell them something they aren’t ready for now anyway; keep track of their contact information so you can reach out again when they’re ready for more information or a demo later.

How to shorten the gap between sales and marketing?

Marketing automation software is a great way to shorten the gap between sales and marketing. Just make sure that the sales team is using it too!

  • Use a CRM to help you track your business potentials.
  • You can use this information to understand better how they interact with you so that you can better customize their experience with your brand. This can improve the quality of leads that come into your funnel, making them more likely to convert through each stage of engagement with the company.
  • Make sure both teams have access to all lead data.

Segmenting your leads makes it easier to close sales

While this might seem daunting, segmenting your leads can help you close more sales.

Segmenting your potential lets you identify the most interested and engaged prospects likely to convert into customers. You can do this by breaking down the information on what products they want and how they want them delivered. Then, create specific business strategies based around these segments so that they receive relevant messaging at each stage of their journey with your brand.

A holistic business tool that is also a marketing dashboard software will give you an insight into how well your business is doing in terms of leads and what changes you need to make to your website.


Now that you know how to identify the business opportunities you are getting, you can nurture them and shorten the gap between marketing and sales. This will help improve your sales pipeline.

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