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Important Advice For People Playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition

When you play Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you are dropped into a creative, beautiful world that is quite intimidating. This game is very popular right now but it offers complete rein so you can build true architectural masterpieces. However, if you only now picked up the game, there is a pretty good possibility that you do not really know much about what you should do. If this is your case and you want to have more fun than just playing a game when you visit website, here are some essential tips you have to be aware of.

Choose Your Game Type And Create Your World

After you picked up the game, you need to choose between Creative and Survival game modes. In Survival mode, you are going to have to fight monsters, deal with limited health, find provisions, and deal with a world that is randomly-generated. In Creative mode, you just build anything that you want as you have access to unlimited resources. Also, this is a game mode in which you can fly, which is awesome in itself.

Create Your Minecraft Skin

The character that you play with can be customized. You can choose out of the different pre-made skins you find in Settings. But, the true power of the game is found in the fact that you can create your very own skin. Minecraft is much more fun when you play as you should. Just look online for tutorials that will help you out.

Take Time To Learn Minecraft’s Controls

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is very easy to learn and quite intuitive. However, before you actually get to enjoy everything that the game has to offer, you need to learn how to handle the controls. This is especially necessary when you play in Survival mode.

After you choose your world, you are spawned at a completely random location. You just have 10 minutes (one in-game day) to get ready for the mobs that will appear during the night. If you do not know the controls, it is impossible to survive.

Quickly Gather Resources

The very first thing that you have to do when you enter Survival mode is to gather nearby resources, like dirt, stone, and wood. You can do this easily by tapping and then holding the block you need to gather. You should not worry about gathering all that you can. If you want to survive, you have to focus on getting all the resources that you need in order to survive during the night. Remember that you have limited time and you do not want to be caught gathering.

Build Your Shelter

Look for the best place possible to build your home. This can be simply in the side of a mountain or inside a hole that you find in the ground. Alternatively, you can just dig a cube while you gather stone, dirt, and wood. The temporary home you build does not need to be luxurious. Barricade yourself and leave one square open. This allows you to know when you can get out.

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