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Download Minecraft, and 1.20.0 with Camel: Minecraft 1.20 apk Free

The game world continues to evolve and delight users with new options and functionality. The developers of Mojang offer players in version Minecraft 1.20.0 the to ride camels and create various buildings from bamboo and craft items.

Bookshelves have acquired new features that will give players unique opportunities. And hanging signs let users write any text and place it in their game world.


The main feature of Minecraft, and 1.20.0 is camels. These are new mobs that can often be found in sandy biomes. It is also not uncommon for an animal to wander into the villages of residents. Camels are friendly toward players.

These animals differ in their size. The mob is big, so the player will not be able to worry about an enemy attack. After all, being on top of a camel, aggressive mobs will not be able to reach Steve and harm him.

Thus, traveling around the Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0 world will become much safer, and it makes survival easier.

By the way, such unique animals as camels have never been in the game before: two players can ride on one mob at once.


This mob from the Minecraft, and 1.20.0 update is unique: it will become an assistant to the player. The creature is similar to a turtle.

It can find seeds of different plants thanks to its nose. Mobs have an unusually bright color and are easy to spot on the territory.


This resource used to be in the game world. Then the developers decided to add blocks of this material: already in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.60 Release. Users built their houses out of bamboo and decorated the world with these blocks.

They have unusual textures, so Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0 players can show imagination and use this resource for different purposes. For example, to create doors, stairs, and even hanging signs.

There are also rafts made of bamboo that serve as transport.

Hanging Signs

Minecraft, and 1.20.0 players can use hanging signs to place text. They can be crafted from different woods. As already mentioned, bamboo is also suitable for creating this item.

Players can decorate the space with signs and place the necessary information.

Chiseled bookshelves

The concept of bookshelves has also changed in Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0. Now they have become more functional.

Previously, the subject was only a decoration. Now chiseled bookshelves have additional features concerning the books.

Download Minecraft 1.20 with Camel

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