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Mobirise Review: The Most User-Friendly Website Builder Software

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise Website Builder Software is a free program for both Windows and Mac that allows users to create web pages and websites easily. It can be used offline, though the internet is required for features like image searching and publishing through FTP. The software is incredibly feature rich and includes over 1800 templates, website blocks, and themes to help users create beautiful, interactive pages. It uses the ever popular Bootstrap framework for creating websites using readymade blocks that can be fitted together to suit their needs.

There are hundreds of pre-made blocks in Mobirise Website Builder which can be grouped together to fit any theme of your choosing. Popular blocks include contact forms, header or footer menus, sliders, social media icons, Google Maps, Twitter Feeds, etc. Blocks can be customised further using easy to use configuration menus before they are added to websites by dragging and dropping them into the required location.

There are plenty of website builders that use the Bootstrap 3 and 4 framework but Mobirise manages to stand out from the crowd with its easy to use interface and vast array of themes. It is perfect for people who are less experienced in website design but at the same time includes a number of helpful features that allows pro designers the tools they need to quickly create or prototype more complicated projects. The minimalistic interface, mobile friendly website creation, and ability to include new building blocks and techniques have made it a popular choice for anyone looking at creating a website from scratch.

How do I create a website with Mobirise?

Creating a website is incredibly easy with Mobirise Website Builder Software. All you need to do is choose “Create a Site” from the “Site” menu and choose one of the available themes. This will create the website’s main page in template form. Additional pages can be added from the “Pages” menu and existing pages can be cloned and then tweaked as necessary. Blocks can be added by clicking on the “Add Block to Page” button and then dragged and dropped into the required place. This allows you to add features easily to pages. And that’s pretty much it. Things like web page styles, colours, favicons, metadata, menu icons, etc can be messed around with once you’re familiar with the software but these are just the icing on a pretty easy to bake a cake.

How do I publish a website with Mobirise?

Once all the pages of the website are ready, you have a variety of built-in options to publish the content:

· One option is to save the files to a local drive. This allows you to continue tweaking your site without having to publish it directly onto the web.

· Another option is to upload the files directly to an FTP web server allowing files to be immediately available on the Internet.

· Other publishing options include publishing to a GitHub page, having the site hosted directly on, or sending the files to a cloud service like Google Cloud.

What are the advantages of using Mobirise?

One of the main benefits of using development frameworks like Bootstrap is that it can help speed up development times. By using blocks, new features can be implemented in minutes and the software will ensure they appear consistently across the website. On top of this, Mobirise Free Bootstrap Builder will take the hard work out of making everything work and look good across all browsers, platforms, and devices, including mobile devices.

Mobirise’s user interface and menus are incredibly easy to use and make creating, changing, and improving web pages a synch. The software includes a good selection of free themes to get you started and the option to purchase more for a reasonable price from within the built-in store. A free online image library is also available and gives you access to royalty free stock images.

Once you have created a website, the options to publish the content is comprehensive, with saving to a local drive and uploading directly FTP joined by more unusual options like: hosting directly on and publishing to things like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. The choice of options is thorough to say the least.

How much does Mobirise cost?

As mentioned previously, the basic version of Mobirise can be downloaded for free. This version includes a good selection of free blocks, themes, and templates to get you started but more can be purchased as optional extras. The free version is a great starting point for any new website developer or someone looking at creating a small to mid-sized site.

For those looking for a little bit more, Mobirise also sells an all in one kit that contains all currently available themes and extensions. At the time of writing this comes with a whopping 84% discount and is available for $149. For that you get:

· Over 1500 pre-made blocks

· A code editor for modifying the source code of blocks

· Over 8000 icons for use on your website

· 28 themes

· 4 extra extensions including a PayPal Shopping Cart

· Free updates for the first year, including any released themes, blocks or templates.

The final word

Mobirise Website Builder Software is an incredibly feature packed and powerful website builder. It takes the easy to use nature of Bootstrap and adds in some great themes and blocks that make creating websites a breeze for any user.

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