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Hubstaff online scheduling software – is it the best?

If you have known about online scheduling software for quite some time now, then you must have heard about Hubstaff online scheduling software. According to a lot of people, they regard it to be the best software that they have used. Thanks to this, the lives of managers have become vastly easier and peaceful. This is because with just the click of a few buttons, they would be able to create schedules for their employees. Once a basic template would be set up, it could easily be amended for future purposes. This just goes on to show the benefits of using this modern software over the traditional method.

So, if you would be thinking of getting this software for your company, it would seem like a good and wise idea to go through its review. Take a look below at what we have to say about it.

About Hubstaff

Considered to be a unique solution for time-tracking, it would provide employees with all the necessary tools with which they would be able to efficiently manage the time that they would spend on their projects. It would be particularly good for those companies that would hire contract workers, freelancers, and remote employees. Since it would not be possible to oversee their work in person, this virtual solution would allow managers to remain on top of things.

Other than that, you would find that the solution would be completely cloud-based. This would mean that employees would clock in and clock out of their own computers. As for tracking their productivity, this would be something which they would be able to do online. This would also signal that all changes would be tracked and saved online. As such, a permanent record would always remain. This would help managers to gain peace of mind, knowing that all the data and information of employees would be securely stored.

Hubstaff would also integrate with other well-known cloud solutions. With this, employees would be able to manage their time better across platforms. This would be ideal for those employees who would work remotely.

Features of Hubstaff online scheduling software

The next thing that we would be looking at would be some of the main and highlighted features of Hubstaff online scheduling software.

1. Time tracking

The sidebar for time tracking would allow the users to toggle the time and task that they would be working on. Since this would appear as a widget, it would be easy and flexible to be moved around. With employees using the time tracker, it would allow employers to oversee the progress that would be made and also limit the number of hours they would be working on. By staying within the limits, employers would not have to worry about paying overtime fees and hence raising the costs.

2. Screenshots

The screenshot feature has been regarded to be one of the most unique and distinguished features of Hubstaff online scheduling software. This would be another way that managers would be able to see the progress of employees while they would be using the productivity timer. This would also help to add more transparency to the time that would be put by employees working on specific assignments. In addition, to protect the identity and sensitive information, these screenshots could be blurred.

3. Activity levels

The dashboard would be able to provide managers and employers with a lot of solutions with which they would be able to monitor the work of their employees. This is because it would show when the employees would clock in, when they would be idle and not doing anything, and the time they would spend on each website.

Customer service and support

The customer support would offer a guide for beginners, including a library which would be filled with a support ticket system and detailed videos which would walk you through the whole thing. Other than that, you would also be able to find a page solely dedicated to frequently asked questions in the support section of the website.


Firstly, all new users would be able to get a free trial for fourteen days. Once that would be over, they would have the option of choosing from three packages, based on their needs.

Final thoughts

Despite the pricing of Hubstaff online scheduling software being considered to be highly competitive, it has managed to garner positive feedback from clients. So, if you would be willing to bear the additional costs, it would most definitely be worth it.

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