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How To Get Replacement For Social Security Card?

If you have lost your Social Security card or if it has been stolen, then you can get it replaced free of cost by applying it at the website of Social Security Administration or SSA. If you have enough time and are not in a rush to get the Social Security card, then you can also go to the local SSA office directly. You might need the Social Security card replaced immediately if you are going to land in a new job and your employer might ask for it at some point in time.

You can apply for up to 3 replacements of Social Security cards within one year and up to 10 cards in your lifetime. However, such limits do not apply if your immigration status changes or if you wish to update your card with the changes in your legal name.

What Is The Procedure To Obtain A New Social Security Card?

You have to follow the steps mentioned below to obtain a fresh Social Security card. They are:

1. Approach An Agent

If you need a replacement Social Security card immediately and cannot afford your time spent on standing in queues at the local SSA office, then you can avail the services of an agency that takes care of obtaining the Social Security card on your behalf. They can help you gather the essential documents required for applying for a Social Security card. They also offer assistance with the filling the details in the SS-5 application, which is essential for getting a new or replacement Social Security card. The filing guide for SS-5 application is available at Their filing specialists can fill up the details you provide on the application for a Social Security card to help you get it effortlessly and affordably.

2. Have The Documents Ready

It is important to have all the essential documents in original form and copies offered by the respective agency. The paperwork you provide should have important documents like a passport or birth certificate to prove your citizenship, age proof papers like hospital birth record, passport or birth certificate that have records registered while you were less than five years of age. You must also produce identity proof records like an employee ID card, health insurance, state ID card, school ID card, passport or driver’s license. Make sure that you produce only updated documents, as SSA will reject the documents that have expired.

Conditions To Apply For Social Security Card Online

You can make a request for a replacement or new Social Security card if you have a mailing address and above 18 years of age. You must also have an ID card or driver’s license from the state government where you live. If such requirements are met, then you are eligible to apply for a new Social Security card or request for a replacement if it was stolen or lost. You can approach an online agent to make the request the same day of losing your Social Security card.

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