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Advertise Using the Power of Blockchain with ClearCoin

Due to continuous technological advancement and the changes brought about by the new digital resources, new concepts and tools emerge all the time. These innovations span in all sectors of society, with business being one of the most targeted. Blockchain is one of these disruptive innovations, which use is growing worldwide.

Eliminating intermediaries, as well as ensuring greater security and simplicity are among Blockchain’s biggest promises. There are a number of opportunities to use Blockchain and the trend is for entities in different areas to use this technology in the coming years. It is, after all, an excellent resource for optimizing services.

A field where Blockchain is just arriving is the field of advertisement, and ClearCoin is leading this path. Using its own cryptocurrency – CLR, which has the same name as the company, ClearCoin has total control over the way business is done in its platform which, along with the use of Blockchain technology, ensures full security and clarity over transactions.

ClearCoin’s platform allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell media on decentralized apps, which are also on of Blockchain’s flagship features. The team behind this company has vast experience in the advertisement industry, having worked for some of its biggest players.

This platform also lets advertisers and publishers control every step of the way, with the help of powerful analytics tools that provide a complete overview on each and every campaign. The platform supports multiple types of ads, such as display and native, mobile, virtual reality, social, television, video, audio and search.

There is a token sale going on at the moment, which ends in March 31st. The current CLR price is $0.10, which will go up in upcoming token sales. So far, 85% of CLR tokens were allocated and sold, with $6.1 million raised by the company in this sale. So, if you want to be a part of ClearCoin’s groundbreaking platform, be sure to be a part of the sale and secure yourself some CLR tokens.

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