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The Real Reason Your Website Design Doesn’t Work

“Online presence gives you strength”

In today’s business oriented world, it is very hard to having a business without having an online presence. The ways of doing businesses has changed in the past few years, business owners nowadays prefer to have an online presence for greater exposure and to build up a strong client base. It has become a necessity to have a website which can be able to represent your business on the internet.

“More profit, that’s all I want”

A website is the face of any business in the online market, so it is very important to have a well maintained website so that you are successfully able to sell your products or services online. It is evident that you have to rely on the design, looks and accessibility of your website to display what you are offering. A well designed website will surely help you in reaching the maximum number of potential buyers and will also make sure that you are able to earn more profit.

A proper web design has tremendous advantages and benefits as far as its applications are concerned. Get the best web design and make sure you are able to reap heavy profit!

“Everything looks better with website design”

A great website provides you high quality content in such a way that a user does not have to think even once about where to go next. An intuitive design is not just a novelty for small businesses. Rather, it is the very first thing anyone will notice about your website. It doesn’t let the user to scramble for information here and there and makes it available in a sequential manner instead.

The design of your website will create a lasting impression in the mind of a person even before he gets to know about your services or your past accomplishments. By making sure that your website catches their eye, you will automatically ensure their interest. Small businesses thrive on the clients that their online presence brings them and by ensuring that you make a lasting impression in the minds of people, you will be able to attract a lot more business.


Choose the color that suits your business

Have you ever tries using two websites that offer similar features, but one of them is simply better than the other? Most of the times, this difference is due to the quality of the design of the website. Hundreds of tiny details go into web designing and only when these details are missing that you realize their importance. The website design should be in such a way that to compel the users to scroll all your products and services. The design of the website is the first point of interaction with the user, thus it should be perfect and soothing to the eyes. The color combination of the website should complement with the services and the products of your business.

Tools that are required to design a website

There is a wide variety of software that is used by the web designing companies to design attractive and useful web sites. A high level of expertise and skill is required in order to successfully design an amazing website. The web designer is responsible for all this, with utilizing a set of techniques like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript etc. Web design has different areas such as interface, navigation, smoothness, and the compatibility which are needed to be taken care of. Engagement is the most important aspect of web designing to maintain and increment users. The website should be able to interact with the users and convey the purpose of your business easily.

Innovation and creativity are the two most important factors that a web designer must possess because it’s all about making something unique and different from others.


Some of the most extensively used web designing tools is:


It is one of the most powerful designing software that comes with a wide range of features and options. It is available for both Windows as well as Mac users. If you want to manipulate an image or make web graphics, be sure nothing can be better than Photoshop.


It is a coding language that is used to code the web pages. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. You can simply is it is not possible to build a website without HTML because every web page is an HTML file. The language uses ordinary texts and symbols to describe the web page.


Firebug is an open source software that enables you to make changes in HTML and CSS file and witness the changes in real time, which makes it extremely efficient tool see you’re the changes while working live on the code.


It is software that is established to design and develop websites in PHP language effectively. The software allows HTML and CSS coding and is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Mistakes that you must never make while designing a website

The website design should be as interactive and intuitive as possible. The users must not feel that their interaction is with an automated system. This is a big turn-off for them, and lessens the traffic. The website should be human friendly. The website must follow the actions of the users and should focus on working for them. Some mistakes in designing that must not be committed

Confusing clickable and non-clickable texts: When the users try to click on a text expecting that it will open as link and in turn finds that it is not clickable, they become irritated. The clickable texts should always be of a different color than regular text, or at the very least it should change color on mouse over.

Poor Navigation: There are times when the user feels lost in a website. This normally occurs when the design layout is inconsistent. Common patterns must be used throughout the webpage so that the users feel accustomed to it.

Readability of the text: The content of the webpage should be nicely aligned and the fonts used must be readable.

If the website design is able to influence the emotion of the users, the design is victorious. The use of fonts, icons, images and colors can go a long way in setting the tone of the website and the product or the service it intends to sell.


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Chirag Patel is a digital marketer in  ZealousWeb. An ISO Certified Company having number of satisfied clients for website design in USA, UK and Australia.

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