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Mobile (Responsive) Website vs. Mobile App: What to Choose for Your Business

What can make your business worth the price? You have a business but you don’t know how to win & wow the customers? With over 50% of people owning smartphones, it’s obvious that you need a website. In other words, you need a way to help the customers interact with your brand. Well, there are a few ways to help you do this such as mobile (responsive) website & mobile app. Here comes the most interesting question – what’s the difference between mobile (responsive) website & mobile app? In fact, these two can be confused easily especially with websites like Twitter or Facebook which are having both. So, what option is better for your business? Who can help?

The best thing is that you’re not alone. Many are confused while choosing between the app & mobile website. Let’s try to learn what the difference between these both is. Think twice before you make the choice. Having an online presence is extremely important. But most important is to consider who your user is & what kind of mobile experience they’d like to have. So, let’s know, not guess.

Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

With over 55% of all the web traffic now coming from mobile devices, a mobile (responsive) website is must-have for your business. Mobile websites offer to visitors go directly to a website from the Internet browser by any mobile device. Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed. The responsive website automatically scales up its content to display properly on various screens. Designed for the smaller handheld display & touchscreen interface, responsive websites can drastically increase conversion rates & boost user engagement. Remember, a mobile website should always come first. That’s a fact.

In its turn, a mobile app needs to be downloaded & installed on your mobile device, rather than just viewed in a browser. Simply put, you can simply purchase it from online stores like Android Market or Apple’s App Store depending on the mobile device & its operating system. Besides, it’s important to know that apps can’t download content from a website, but can run without the Internet connection. Now you know the idea, right?

So, What Option is Better for Your Business?

Well, the answer is it depends. However, ideally, your business strategy should incorporate both. To be more specific, apps are not a replacement for a mobile website, as well as responsive websites are not the substitute for apps. In any case, when you start you can’t be everything for everybody. The truth is, your business is not everybody’s cup of tea in a way that serves everyone. The point is, maybe you don’t have. The point is that you want to succeed as much as possible, which means appealing to as many customers as possible.

When Would You Need a Mobile (Responsive) Website?

A responsive website is the best choice if your customers find your business via search engines. If so, then your responsive website can be a simpler way to increase traffic & a sizable number of potential customers accessing your site from their mobile devices. Say, a responsive website is a good choice for sites like hotels, restaurants, hair salons, or other service providers.

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So, if you want to make your site more mobile user-friendly, inform your customers about some service that you offer, track, analyze, & listen to what people are saying about you, a responsive website is just the thing for you. What’s more, your customers do not need to do anything with your website, no updates are needed to be installed or downloaded, they might not even bother any problems your website faces.

On top of that, responsive websites are much easier to build. Make sure you choose the reliable provider of responsive WordPress themes, and voila your responsive website can go live in a matter of hours. What’s more, you can make any changes to the content & design of your responsive website fairly easily, & with minimal hassle.

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When Would You Need a Mobile App?

Taking into account that the number of mobile devices & mobile users is continuing to grow, your business may need a successful mobile app that can be seen as an extension of your offerings. If a responsive website is essential for every business, a mobile app is not what every brand needs. Let’s discuss why. The main exception is some large social network companies like Facebook & Twitter who have highly used their apps.

In fact, interacting with users in an app-like manner is incredibly beneficial for your business. Thus, you can increase your brand awareness, inform your customers in a more effective & immediate form, & offer deals based on the user information gathered from the mobile devices itself. The truth is, a mobile app is more like an extending option of your offering, rather than simply replication of it. Let’s say, your restaurant app can send push notifications when updated menus & orderings are added to your site.

Remember, the Internet is filled with interesting material offering people discover new products. However, the app world uses the word of mouth method for app discovery. Face it, if a friend recommends you an app, you are more likely to download it. That’s why organic person-to-person marketing is just the thing for your business for the promotion of your mobile app. Think of it this way, mobile apps are a popular option for people who have a specific task in mind, such as weight losing, physical activity or encouraging the new habits someone trying to instill. And what’s important, this specific task can’t be accomplished via your responsive website.

Well, mobile apps can work best for already-existing customers, & for those who can easily make the jump from a website to an app. That said, your mobile app is the next step in engaging of your customer base on mobile which constantly interacts with your website. Simply with your mobile app you can provide daily or loyalty usage convenient to save time & money. That’s where you’ll get the ball rolling. However, if a customer doesn’t interact with your business very often, your responsive website is all he/she needs. That’s all.

What’s more, apps are not so easy to develop. Usually, they can involve lengthy & complicated code, as well as deep knowledge of how writing apps work. Because of that, it’d be difficult to make changes into your app atmosphere. That can be another reason to consider before creating a mobile app for your customers. However, keep in mind that mobile apps have the ability to run a lot faster than responsive websites. Something to consider, right?

However, if still in doubt whether your business needs a mobile app, you can simply ask your customers. Chances are pretty good that you’ll find the answer. Moreover, the result you receive may surprise you.

In Conclusion…

After all, the winner depends on your business. Think twice before choosing the right option. Remember, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach in the web development world. The truth is that for many businesses the beneficial result is a combination of both. That’s why start with your mobile (responsive) website first & then you can move into the world of apps with minimal fuss. Simply think of your user & how he/she will use it.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback about the difference between a mobile (responsive) website & a mobile app, please share your thoughts below. Help other businesses find the right way to engage customers. Don’t forget to check the free e-book: Free Ways to Grow Your Website: $0 Budget Ideas.

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