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Why Is Custom Website Development Better Than Template Design?

The truth is that the development of a website is relatively more accessible today. This is undoubtedly due to the outstanding web development platforms that allow a non-coder to create their website. However, a business person must make essential decisions before developing an online site.

But there are times when they often need clarification on custom web development and readymade template design. Choosing among custom web development solutions, custom-built websites, and even simplistic template designs is challenging.

So, here are some substantial factors helping to choose the services of custom web development companies in Abu Dhabi. After all, with 9.98 million people using the internet in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it becomes essential to pay attention to web development.

High ROI And Conversion Rates

As per experts, when it comes to comparison, custom web development is better than premade templates as it drives more traffic and obtains conversion rates. One of the main reasons behind the formulation of custom-built sites is that they are created for the targeted audience. Additionally, your company’s website will gain momentum online, which will surely appeal to many viewers.

More importantly, the professional team of web development companies in Abu Dhabi will provide professional website designing services at reasonable prices. The average cost of web development in Abu Dhabi lies between 3,000 AED and 5,000 AED.

User-Friendly And Unique

Mesmerizing graphical effects impact the coming traffic and sales on a given website. In addition, a customized website provides unique ways to make its appearance more attractive to clients. These custom-built internet sites are known to be user-friendly too. This set of specific features will make your website look fantastic and attract more people.


The most demanding need of today’s generation is personalized websites that can comprehend the needs of viewers. On the way around, these online sites can provide customized solutions to users. By offering a personalized experience, owners can let users stay longer and become regular website clients. However, this is possible through custom web development, as it allows one to customize web pages according to clients’ needs.

Better SEO

Another essential factor in custom web development is building a dynamic website. This may be why digital marketers often benefit from getting improved web development companies in Abu Dhabi results. With increased competition, it has become essential for websites to cross the Google search engine’s first page.

Effectual SEO techniques help build a custom-built website that can lend a helping hand, as search engines often prefer customized online sites. Moreover, any expert developer will recommend you create a webpage containing applicable keywords and metadata other than selecting a readymade template, as it allows the site to become more genuine and helps to get a high rank in search engines.

This is why the SEO cost for websites initiates from 1,000 AED and can go up to 30,000 AED per month in Abu Dhabi. This very fact makes it imminent that SEO is an essential aspect of building up a website.


In the age of advanced technology, the rapid emergence of IT applications has brought change and increased competition among businesses. Thus, it becomes essential for companies to establish themselves online with the help of dynamic and customized websites. This is because these websites generate high revenue. In addition, they help IT companies and start-ups to develop themselves as the best leading companies in the world today. So, a person must think twice before coming to any conclusion, as it is about their own business.

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