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Custom Gaming Computers – Are They Worth It?

Every true blooded gamer knows that the best gaming computers should be capable by running even the heaviest video games without a hitch. The computers must also be able to display the highest quality of graphics while providing the best user experience. While most gamers share a common view on what specifications a gaming computer should have, the vote seems to be divided when it comes to choosing between a customized gaming computer and a prebuilt one. The two options might just look the same for new video game enthusiasts. But for experienced games, they already know the best choice that suits their needs.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of assembling your own gaming PC versus buying a premade one.

Picking the Parts

This is the trickiest part when you want to build your pc from bits and pieces that you have bought. Picking them can be immensely challenging for beginners because of not knowing the current trends in gaming hardware. It requires a fair amount of research before you can finally piece together a decent and balanced gaming PC. It all starts with the motherboard – A good gaming motherboard can not only serve as a stable base for connecting all your PC parts, but also future proof the system for upgrading down the line and extending its overall life. Next is the CPU, and while a gaming motherboard is instantly identifiable, a CPU isn’t. Proper research is required prior to picking it, as a low end CPU can bottleneck other components and a high end CPU, coupled with weaker components can be an overkill. Following next is the RAM, which is responsible for feeding data to the CPU and acting as a quick access for the same. As a general Rule, the quicker the RAM, the tighter the timings, the better your system will perform. For storage, an SSD is a must these days, preferably one with an NVME interface. Older mechanical hard drives are a big bottleneck for today’s systems and should strictly be used for bulk storage portals, rather than app drives or a boot drive.

The rest of the components can be bought with leftover budget, however a very Important part is the Power Supply Unit, which feeds power to your system. It is the shield of your system and a strong PSU will not just deliver continuous power, but also protect your system against any electrical surges or distortions, so make sure to pick a one with an 80+ rating, which comes with different efficiency tiers such as – bronze, silver, gold and titanium,


When it comes to the overall cost, custom built gaming computers are definitely cheaper than prebuilt ones. Computer manufacturers often gain their profit from computer parts which they resell at a much higher price in their prebuilt computers. They also need to consider the cost of assembling a unit as well as testing and monitoring to come up with the final price of their products. With a prebuilt computer you can save by buying cheaper parts and assembling your own unit minus the labor costs. You can always learn from lots of tutorials available online or from a friend who is an expert in gaming computers.


At first glance, it may seem that prebuilt computers give more protection and security to the consumers against defects on gaming hardware. Most prebuilt computers offer a warranty period of up to two years. In comparison, manufacturers of individual computer parts offer three years of warranty on average. Some PSU manufacturers even offer a warranty period of ten years. Although prebuilt computers saves you more time by calling only one customer support contact for all the parts, the extended warranty coverage for individual parts provides you more protection as a consumer. If some of your parts are already outside the warranty period, you can always go to the best computer repair in Chico and have your computer fixed in no time.


When it comes to performance, custom gaming computers again has the advantage against prebuilt ones. Assuming that you have a fixed budget for your gaming computers, you can definitely get more quality and performance by buying individual parts and assembling them at home. You might even have spare money to purchase a good gaming keyboard, mouse, and headset.

Buying custom gaming computers may be better than prebuilt computers depending on the amount of time and money that you can invest on it. If you are on a tight budget, assembling your own gaming computer can save you a lot of money without compromising the quality of your gaming experience. If you are already knowledgeable in assembling and maintaining gaming computers, not so good at it but eager to learn more, or have an expert friend to help you out, building a gaming computer is surely much better than buying a premade one. Playing with a gaming computer that you built on your own is a very rewarding experience too!

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