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How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

Our daily requirements from our ordinary PC have evolved much as we have stepped into a modern era. There was a time when we used our PC or laptop mainly for study and office purposes, but Gen Y has found a brand new purpose – GAMING.

The manufacturers, too, are well aware of the demands of gamers and they are designing computer spare parts keeping in mind the gaming needs. These devices list some cool features to help you to play you a pro, and the gaming mouse is such a device.

Factors to Consider To Select the Best Gaming Mouse

Purchase of the right gaming mouse often goes wrong – sometimes, you fail to get the proper grip, or sometimes, it malfunctions when it is slightly lifted from the mousepad!

That’s why we have listed the most important factors to consider at the time of buying the 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021. Go through these and choose the best mouse by avoiding the common mistakes and get the best-ever gaming experience:


The sensor of the mouse needs to be given the highest importance at the time of purchasing the best gaming mouse. It is because the sensor allows smooth operation of the mouse during the game irrespective of the surface. Gamers, now, prefer the optical mouse because of its fast response in comparison to a laser mouse.

You will hardly find an optical mouse to slow down when it reaches the edge of the mousepad. Plus, you can use the optical mouse on any surface, and easily reposition it by lifting. Because of its strong sensor lifting the mouse from the surface will not be an issue and your game will not be paused. The laser mouse will not allow all these perks.

If you want a hindrance-free gaming experience, you should get an optical gaming mouse. You can use an infrared mouse as well because the lift-off issue is fully resolved here.


DPI is the measuring unit of the sensitivity of a mouse. A gaming mouse with a higher DPI is a cool feature as you can reach your goal using less hand movement. Due to this, you don’t get muscle strains.

Lower DPI, on the other side, means more hand movement which means more muscle strain. As you have to sweep your hands really fast during the games, a gaming mouse, with a lower DPI is a big NO – your muscle strain will ruin your in-game progress. So, go for a gaming mouse with higher DPI.

Buttons and Scroll Wheels

These two features of a gaming mouse need to be given serious consideration if you want outstanding game progress. The highly responsive buttons enable you with on-time clicks and ensure success in games. If the buttons are not that responsive, clicking will be delayed which means your game progress will not be up to the mark.

It is applicable to the scroll wheels too – it has to be smooth enough so that scrolling becomes easy. If the smooth movement of the scroll wheel is restricted, you will struggle and you will end up using the keyboard arrows. So, check these during purchase.

Wire Factor

Gamers often do not have a fascination regarding this, yet a few gamers prefer wireless gaming mouse. If you are one of them, and if you feel disgusted with the wires to connect the mouse with your PC, you can get the wireless one.

All you need to check the wireless mouse thoroughly and study the other features before purchasing. Also, remember that you have to supply power to the wireless mouse either through battery or through USB. If it seems alright you, a wireless mouse will be a great pick. Otherwise, a wired one serves your purpose satisfactorily.


Budget, too, is undoubtedly an important factor at the time of choosing the best gaming mouse. Yes, if you have an extremely low budget, you may not get satisfactory performance from your gaming mouse.

So, you need to invest a few more bucks if you want to play like a pro. We believe that getting a cheap quality mouse is not a smart idea just because you have a low budget. Come on! You can easily get an affordable gaming mouse with some really cool features now. So, go ahead and select wisely.

The above-mentioned factors are about the specifications of the gaming mouse. Now, let’s move on to the factors regarding the users’ comfort in the gaming mouse.


When it comes to a gaming mouse, the first thing users find is comfort. Gamers spend hours with their PC, so, their mouse has to be comfortable enough. The comfortable grip ensures less muscle strain even after the long hours of gameplay.

Here, our advice is to select an ergonomic mouse based on your grip to have smooth operation during the long hours of gaming.


The mouse must not be too heavy or light. You should feel that you are holding a device at the time of playing. Huge numbers of gamers feel uncomfortable with the extremely light or heavy mouse and they fail to get satisfactory in-game progress.

So, do check the weight and size of the mouse in its key specifications.

Final words

These factors will help you to purchase the best gaming mouse, but if you have any particular preferences about the looks of your gaming mouse, you need to consider those as well. Don’t worry! You can get a wide array of choices in terms of the appearance of your gaming mouse.

It is alright to purchase the best one within your budget; however, compromising the quality of a gaming mouse is not okay. So, focus on features like sensors, DPI and of course, comfort during your purchase.

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