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How to Make Money off Your Old Gadgets

Purchasing new appliances is an easy activity to perform but selling older ones is not that undemanding. For example, you have iPhone 4 and as you know this is the era of iPhone7 and plus, so, you may wish to sell the current one to buy the latest. For this specific reason, through this platform, you will come to know how and from where you can earn the comprehensive income from your older gadgets.

“No matter how old your tech is, someone on the internet wants it”. Businessinsider

First of all, if you want to generate good revenue from the second-hand apparatuses, you must go to the following decision-making points;

  • be careful to keep the packing box, cards, foam so on
  • avoid the device from scratches
  • polish the device before going to sell
  • Before auctioning, make sure that your personal data is no more on the smartphone or computer. Go to your settings and reset the mobile phone or select the system recovery option on your PC or console.

Now when you have followed all the above-mentioned credentials and you are ready to trade your instrument, definitely, it will sell out quickly as well as at good prices.


What if you have TP-Link Archer AC750 Wireless router and you want to exchange it with TP-Link Archer C3150 MU-MIMO AC3150. Yeah, this is possible through Amazon trade-in account. It takes 12 days procession to finalize your rejection or acceptation and if your electronic router is in working condition you will be paid of your dealing money. With this money and by adding some more money you will be able to buy a new Archer C3150 which has superiority over Ac750 in multiple ways.

Another thing that should be paid a due attention and that is, you can use the old router as an extender as well. For example, if your antiquated Wifi router covers the distance up to 25 or 30feets and you want to expand the Wifi access up to 60 or 70 feet, then never make a mistake to sell it for some worthless dollars as it will definitely provide you such a priority work.

“When you upgrade to a faster, better router, don’t toss your old one. Whether through stock or custom firmware, you can likely turn it into a repeater that can carry your Wi-Fi’s signal to the dark corners of your home”. Lifehacker

The old router can also be used as a Hub/Switch. For instance, if your multiple devices are plugged into your main router and it needs to plug more then you can use one of the LAN port for your old router by turning off the DHCP your connection is ready to go. So, this is another trick to save the money for affording the Hub/Switch when it heavily a need.


The Headsets are used on daily basis and as we know that without earbuds/headphones we almost lost our music or chatting privacy. At the same time, the latest headphones are becoming our priority but what to do with our older ones? Can we sell them if we want to exchange? So, the answer is, yes we can sell them to buy the newer one.

“Some old Earbuds are still more powerful than the new ones but some new Earbuds are getting famous day by day due to their quality”. ListSplash

The websites like give you an opportunity to sell your electronics within no time. All you have to do is to create description about your device and get feedback in seven business days.

And if your sendings take more money than to afford a pristine then simply donate your headphones to the people whose are unable to purchase the quality cans. And believe it or not, this will own you more comfort and relief in terms of inner satisfaction.

Gaming Monitors

You have two simple strategies to deal with your old gaming monitors. The first one is, you can sell it with no excuses when meeting good of its prices. Secondly, you can connect it to your PC monitor to make it a perfect gaming console.

The second dealing requires more considerations of yours as you have to buy the PC monitor to which it can easily be connected and gives you HD view. Before you buy a monitor check out its connecting ports as it is the most important thing to be checked carefully. I will reason this like most of the monitors support HDMI and DVI, the older ones support both VGA and DVI.

“Some older monitors may only have VGA and DVI, or only VGA”. WikiHow

Before you go further readout all the exposure and select the perfect device to make full use of your old gaming monitor.


So, this was all about our tactics to replace your older gadgets with the latest technologies, money can be made by selling them or simply other usages. But we will not snatch the argumental rights from you, inform us with your opinions/experiences by using the below comment section.

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