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Tips For Becoming A Popular Casino Streamer

Online streaming turns out to be a very popular activity today. Not only casinos profit from live streaming but also streamers are really into it. At the moment, the most popular live streaming games are poker and online slots. Read this review and find more about streaming and its overall presence.


As we already mentioned, poker and casino sections are two separate areas on Twitch. Poker section includes around million followers while the casino section comes with 80,000 active followers. Twitch platform is a pioneer in the live streaming industry. If you want to open Twitch account, just register with your username and get a stream key to start.

Casino streaming now

In the recent period, the number of active streamers has significantly increased. Casinos are becoming aware of the streaming activity and we have numerous casinos on streaming platforms. Casino streamers enter the industry either for fun or business purposes. At the moment, there are several dominant streamers which stand out from the crowd.

Many casino enthusiasts are interested in live streaming. They search for a recipe to become one of the competitive video streamers. However, there is no unique strategy which will lead you to a majestic career. Just keep trying and working and something can happen.

Streaming criticism

Casino industry faces serious critics and stigma. Casino streamers are also affected regarding responsible gambling and their overall presence. Some of the most commented live streaming topics are related to alcohol, false gambling representation or careless betting. These comments motivate gamblers to change the strategy and streamers are now actively included in responsible gambling activities.

How to attract the streaming community?

Streamers at live dealer casino want to acquire regular viewers and reputation. For these purposes, they use different strategies and promotions. Live streamers provide giveaways for customers who register at the live casino. Giveaways became so usual that viewers expect them on a regular basis and some of them are only there for competition purposes.

Some streamers organize raffles for customers. Raffles comes with certain requirements for players or only opt-in possibility. By participating in these competitions, players can win a significant amount of money. From time to time, casino streamers feature charity streams where they award funds to charity organizations.

The skill of Streaming: How to do it?

Dedicated online gamers are probably interested in the creation of live stream channel. First of all, you need to know that streaming is not a hard activity, but becoming successful is another part of the story. Users who are interested in streaming content tend to choose streamers with numerous views. Streaming beginners have to fight for reputation and customers. It takes at least one year to become noticed in the industry. However, if you are enough dedicated and patient, the success will come very soon. To become a successful streamer, you need to enjoy the streaming activity. There will be many unviewed streams, empty chats and similar but everything is in your hands. IncrediTools recommends buying likes for your Twitch streams.

Useful streaming tips

If you are starting a streaming career, make sure to apply the following tips:

  • Provide streams to both Twitch and YouTube – YouTube is another competitive channel which will feature your games and support you in becoming viral
  • Schedule your streams and inform users when you are going live. It will result in broader coverage and more viewers.
  • Have in mind that live streamers spend up to four hours on a single broadcast
  • Arrange streaming deals with online casinos. If you provide streaming bonuses, it will allow you more sessions and better promotion. When you earn from affiliates, you can re-invest the money into more streaming
  • Avoid any kind of cheating with fake money. Good casinos know the successful way and they are 100% genuine (Casumo, Thrills, Guts etc)
  • Start with small casinos to acquire an audience. Big casino platforms are generally overexposed and players are already present on these sites.

Casino streamers can continue with their activity. They can open an account at the largest streaming channels like Twitch and YouTube and depend on their restriction policy. In the future, we can expect major legal changes regarding the streaming community and possible prohibition of the industry.

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