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How technology has helped the growth of the Parking Industry?

It is estimated that over 1 billion passenger cars are on the road today. No wonder the ever-increasing number of vehicles has increased the congestion on roads. The other important factor to look at is the parking space of these vehicles. Every vehicle needs a space to park. The space crunches have led to innovation in making use of the limited parking spaces.

Due to the high competition among the automobile industry, there are new vehicles launched in a short time. The increasing number of vehicles on the road has led to rising demand for parking spaces. The parking industry had to look into the changing trends and technologies to make use of the space they have to provide for the increasing number of vehicles.

When it comes to parking, making use of technologies is very important for the company that wants to monetize parking. As of now, a lot of parking management companies are coming forward with several innovative solutions to make parking an easy process.

Now, let’s have a look into some of the technologies that has helped the growth of the parking industry.

Parking Management Software

Parking Management software helps in efficiently managing the parking of vehicles in the available space. The software comes with features that help in listing the available parking spaces, accepting an advance booking, and managing multiple parking lots in any location. Parking management business can be run remotely from any part of the world. It allows managing multiple parking slots that could be anywhere across the world.

Parking slot management software is not only convenient for the businessman running the parking slot but also for the vehicle owners and drivers who can easily manage their bookings online. They no longer have to worry about finding parking spaces if they are running late or in a hurry to reach a meeting.

Rearview or Reverse Camera

The rearview camera plays a significant role when it comes to parking or taking a reverse. It is an inbuilt feature in almost all vehicles. With this camera, you’ll get a view of what is behind your car. It provides you with the necessary guidelines on the screen for safely parking your vehicle, even in narrow spaces.

Remote Parking Tech

Remote parking technology helps the drivers in parking without sitting behind the wheel. You can align the car perfectly in the parking space with your mobile app. By touching one key, you can move your vehicle, and with another touch of a button, you can park it smoothly in an allocated parking space.

One of the best examples of this is the BMW i3 and Telsa. These cars come with an amazing function called autopilot. The autopilot function allows the car to park on its own, without a driver having to steer the wheel.

All this indicates that in the future, the drivers will not have to be in the car to park. At the touch of a few keys, the car will be parked safely.

Parking Sensors

As of now, almost all cars have sensors. The sensors help in detecting other vehicles or objects within a certain proximity. These sensors warn the drivers with a beeping sound. The noise of this sound will become louder as the distance gets shorter between the object and the car.

Some sensors now come with advanced functions. They can even apply brakes when they detect an awaiting collision.

Automated Valet Parking Robots

Operated by robots, this is a technology that helps in efficient parking within the available spaces. The owner of the vehicle can leave the car with parking slot management. The robots then lift these vehicles and park them quite efficiently without wasting any space. They don’t have to maintain distance to open the doors of the cars. The car is automatically and quite efficiently maneuvered by the robots in a specific parking area, saving time and space.

When the driver inserts the ticket he received while leaving the car, the automated valet parking robots will deliver the car to the exit area.

Wireless charging on parking spots

The provision of wireless charging is another innovative function that is quite useful for both vehicle owners as well as parking spot management. The parking areas with limited charging port access can benefit from the wireless charging function. Place the parking pad underneath the parking space of the car. The wireless charging system will charge the car automatically.

Vertical parking

Automated vertical parking systems are excellent solutions to the problem associated with the limited parking area. It increases parking capacity by 20 times. Also called as tower parking, it has elevators that allow vertical allocation of parking spots. With this software, the employees can manage the vertical parking system that does the heavy lifting. It stacks the cars vertically on the top of another in the allocated parking space.

Final thoughts

These are some of the advanced technologies that have helped the parking industry to function efficiently. The ever-increasing number of vehicles has helped in the innovation and advancement of the parking industry.

Thus, changes are necessary to meet the standards and needs of today. Vehicles on the road are not going to decrease; they will continue to increase in number. Therefore, the parking industry will also grow and flourish. They should continue to innovate and find ways to accommodate more and more vehicles in limited spaces. The parking industry will continue to grow as long as they continue to adapt to changing technologies and make life easier for vehicle owners.

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