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People are losing their Trust in e-books

Those days are gone when people used to spend hours in libraries or the gardens to read their favorite books. I also remember those days when people used to carry an extra bag just for the books whenever they travel either by the road, by train or by air. But the technology also made its impact on the hobby of book reading and gave us a new method of reading through e-books. Just like the custom coursework writing services, people didn’t accept this technology in its early days, and the hardcore book readers and writers oppose this new technology very strongly. But with every passing day, people started accepting this and started showing their trust on the e-books. From 2010 to 2015, e-books were at their peak, but just like every high has an equal, measurable low, from the past two years, the lack of trust on e-books has started creeping up because of the following reasons.


Although printed books are still the thing of past and every writer focused on selling his book online, people are finding printed books more straightforward as compared to the eBooks. Sense has been developing in the readers from past two years that by buying printed books, they are the sole owner of it and once you bought it from any book store, book fair or even bought it from online stores like Amazon. The book that you buy from them is entirely your property, and no one can take it away from you. Whereas eBooks are very convoluted and even some readers have started calling it the nightmares of the book readers.


Another reason for losing trust on eBooks is the sense of lack of ownership. When you purchase an e-book from the online stores like Amazon and Apple, you don’t actually buy it; you are getting it on lease from the owner website for an undefined period. Your lease can be canceled anytime if you break any law or terms of the seller or retailer and they will take the book back immediately. Even if you doesn’t make any mistake, you can still lose your book if the retailer goes bankrupt or the retailer violates any term of the writer or publisher. This also makes the reader’s hustle to read the book as quick as possible that kills the entire feel of reading. Printed books, on the other hand, doesn’t bound you in time nor any policies. You just have to pay for the printed book, and it is yours for your entire life. Now it is in your will to read it in a year or pass it to your friend after reading it.

Daunting Precisions

If you read the precisions of the online bookstores, you will be frightened by the words that they use. Their words make you feel that you are not buying any book but any pill which have the tendency to damage human life. Its look likes that they hired an army of lawyers, especially to designed all the terms and conditions. These conditions create a very negative impact on the veteran readers that they started buying printed books instead of the eBooks.

However, printed books also have some copyrights notice that is very simple and on point. Their notice claims “No portion of this book may be copied, reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, including recording, photocopying, or inclusion in any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the publisher and author, except for brief excerpts quoted in published reviews”. These are not those things that any reader is not aware of. These precisions are only to save the books from piracy so that the writer can get the rewards of his efforts. The readers understand it and show respect for it too.


When the Sony Reader Store first closed followed by Diesel e-Books, Txtr and many other eBook stores, the people get deprived of their eBook collections that agonized the readers a lot. Those books were their life, and they still remember the day when they woke up and see the notice of “Sorry We Are Closed” sign on their eBook website. It is not like that they cannot go to any other e-book store but the time that they had spent in collecting their favorite books were just wasted due to these online stores. That was the time when the sense of mistrust on the online stores and e-books were triggered among the readers which is still increasing at a rapid pace.

Amazon VS the World

There is no doubt in it that Amazon is the world’s biggest online store to buy anything. And being the biggest, he asks liabilities too with his vendors. This is where publishers and Amazon are conflicting. There are many things that publishers wants from Amazon to ensure. But when Amazon failed to meet it, then the publisher revert his products that don’t do any effect on the Amazon, but the person who has it in his bucket get deprived of an excellent book. This drama between the Amazon and World publishers is costing the image of e-books a lot and making easier for people to buy printed books instead of e-books.



Some Stats

Just to give you an idea of how dangerous the situation is for the e-books, I am going to share some facts of reputable online stores about the sales of e-books in past couple of years.

Every hardcore reader knows about Nielson BookScan, which is a body that tracks what the readers are buying, issued a number in 2015 regarding the increase of sale printed books that went up to 2.5%. This additional 2.5 % readers were the former e-books readers but decided to move towards the printed books. Since then this number has crossed 6%, and the scanner is expecting it to increase more with the faster pace in next couple of years.


Final Words

The blessing in disguise of the fall of eBooks is that people are not turning away from the reading. They are still finding ways to fulfill their addiction of reading either from the technical way or from the traditional way. The downfall and lack of trust of people from the people towards eBook may affect the book industry, but there are many hopes and options for the remaining eBooks stores which they are considering very seriously.


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Dominic Lester is a teacher by profession but is also a tech nerd. He has been in the teaching profession for long and has seen the ways education has transformed from traditional to more computerized methods. You can follow him for updates on his social media channels.

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