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5 Reasons Why People Enjoy Painting by Numbers

Painting by numbers confidently gains the attention of both adults and teenagers. This is a great way to spend time, relax and even better understand yourself. However, there are still many people who have not heard about it. We have recalled at least five useful sides of it, and now we are ready to share them with you.

1. Antistress

It is proved by many that when you paint, your brain is resting. The effect is similar to what we get during meditation. Imagine how you come home after a hard working day and relax by coloring a picture: in just half an hour all the problems go away. Focusing on paint by numbers, we distract from everyday problems. Finally, we do what we want, without thinking, whether someone will like this drawing or not. All this helps to relieve stress, relax and leads to harmony.

2. Helps to fall asleep

By following our emotional state, we allow the body to prepare for healthy sleep. Neither a TV nor a computer will help to cope with insomnia and frequent waking up. Painting as an evening ritual can help to relax without harmful interference.

3. Creativity

We can feel like artists, even if we have never shown the talent to draw. Painting by numbers does not require special artistic skills, but you can make a new hobby from it. Soon you begin to add something from yourself and draw the patterns and create your custom paint by number drawings. You might even be tempted to learn how to play the guitar or do sculpture — just let yourself create.

4. Stay alone

Coloring by numbers allows us to stay alone with our thoughts, which we rarely succeed in the modern pace of life. As Johnny Depp said, being alone with your thoughts is a very dangerous but very useful activity. Perhaps you can deal with some problems simply by taking the time to yourself. Otherwise, to discover the desire to change something radically.

5. Development of the imagination

Although painting by numbers at first glance does not seem like a creative activity, it develops artistic taste. We select colors, try to experiment, be interested in other people’s works and other areas of art. This is how our creative imagination develops, allowing us to take a fresh look at the world.


Thus, if we put all this together, we shall get a rather clear picture. You can learn about the world, fantasize about non-existent things and objects, relieve stress and even have fun! When creating something beautiful, we become better, reveal our talents and grow in our own eyes. There is no necessity to purchase painting kits anymore: just go online, download an app and enjoy your new experience!

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