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Reply Quick with Google

Just imagine, at 10 on a clock morning, you are in rush for office or university. Suddenly you get a text from someone and you don’t have time to reply him/her.

It will a horrible morning for you because at the end of the day you will have to give a lot of explanation for not giving a reply.

So what if your phone automatically replies to every person who texts you?

Today I’m gonna talk about the Reply app.

The Reply app is designed by Google and its lets you give automatic replies to everyone whenever you receive a text.

The Reply app itself is still in beta mode. Most of the features don’t work currently. But still, it is the best app to help you out in certain times, especially, when you are in a rush.

Currently, it can give auto-reply to texts like “Where are you?” or “What are you doing?” taking advantage of the sensors in your phone for better and accurate replies.

I have been using this app for 3 months and I am glad that I have this. It is an AI-based app so it learns from your activities. Most people text me in other languages like Bengali. So, after using this app for a few weeks, it started recognizing that language and now shows me the automatic reply in that language.

For example, if someone texted me “Kothay Acho?” (Where are you?), the automatic reply is “Ami Office e Aachi.” (I’m in the office.).

Yes, you got me right. As the app is also tracking your location, it can understand your working hours.

It can even understand when you are walking, jogging, or using any mode of transportation by using all the sensors of your phone.

I would definitely say that the future is bright. However, considering Google’s track record of unpopular apps, I don’t know how long Google will support this.

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