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3 Smart Warehouse Technologies You Need To Implement Today!

Smart technology is the way of the future. For warehouse managers, you know that without it, you are putting your employees to do far more work, and do it less efficiently than it can be done.

With the right smart systems in place, not only is work done more quickly, but errors are also eliminated. Furthermore, with the right team in place, and the smart technologies, you’ll find that it’s easier to keep track, and have real-time information, to ensure the warehouse is operating as seamlessly as possible throughout the course of the workday.

So, what do you need to implement if you currently aren’t using it in your warehouse? Consider a few of these tremendous smart technologies.

Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system is one of the smartest technologies; you’ll need to implement within your company’s infrastructure immediately if you aren’t already using one. What can this system do for your business? Some ways it will help included

  1. Real-time information and access to all inventory and stock
  2. Streamlining processes to avoid waste and redundancy
  3. Implementation of ongoing strategies
  4. Automating pickup and delivery times
  5. Optimization of the warehouse layout
  6. Improved flexibility and awareness within the warehouse
  7. Improved inventory tracking and monitoring

Basically, the management system is going to take account of everything that’s happening in the warehouse. If certain items should be placed next to one another, the system will inform managers as to why.

If there are processes that can be automated to reduce errors and improve efficiency, the system will inform managers how to tailor those processes.

No matter which areas are lacking within the warehouse or what processes can be improved, a warehouse management system is going to inform managers of these areas and tasks.

Over time, employees are smarter, and the warehouse is going to operate as efficiently as possible while eliminating waste and reducing high-cost processes.

Guided Vehicles

Automatic guided vehicles are a great resource in any warehouse. They can drive, pickup, and lower items, they can place things where they should go on shelves, and they can take the place of workers.

This allows you to let your employees work on more specialized tasks, rather than having to drive a forklift in order to move supplies around. The use of guided vehicles not only makes it easier to move inventory around the warehouse but also to ensure it is in the right location when it is put away.

You can reduce human error using these systems within your inventory.

Guided automated vehicles also have a more excellent range than humans. So, they can lift items higher and bring things down from shelves, much more comfortable than employees can. Plus, they’ll reduce workplace injuries at the same time.

A win-win for any company that wants to maximize efficiency, and reduce the possibility of damages while employees are working in dangerous conditions.

Automated Picking

Automated picking tools utilize RF technologies, to make sure what has to be in stock, is in stock. Put to light, and automated retrieval systems, are a great way to ensure items are picked, are correctly added to orders, and to ensure things are where they should be within the warehouse’s setup.

Warehouse managers, when the time comes to implement new software and technology, JD Edwards Managed Services is a great solution for end-to-end warehouse management integration.

With near perfect picking rates, you don’t have to worry about employees grabbing the wrong things, and shipping them out to customers, only to have customers return items a few days later. Eliminate these unnecessary shipping fees and costs, and make sure you get the order right the first time around, keeping your customers happy.

With automated picking tools, it is easy to ensure what should go out the door, is going out the door. They’re faster than humans, these systems are smart and work quickly, they integrate within your warehouse immediately, and they’ll help reduce waste and excessive returns when the wrong items are shipped out to customers.

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