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Published on June 5th, 2017 | by Guest


Things We Never Thought We Could Do On Our Smartphones

The evolution of the cellular phone has gone far past the wildest dreams of its creators. That’s a grand speculation, but one that must certainly be true. The first cellular telephones were simple hand-held devices with two-way communication only that had a limited range and were physically as big as the back binding of an encyclopedia. It’s undeniable that the technological innovation that has taken place in the evolution of the cell phone has changed the way we interact with the world and communicate with one another. Think back to your first cell phone and consider the things cell phones can do today. Here are some things to consider.

Things like measuring your heart rate. There are now multiple apps in the iPhone’s app store and in the Android google play store that uses the flash on your phone’s camera to detect the color change in the tip of your finger to display your heart rate in a couple of seconds. You simply put your finger on your phone’s camera as the app calculates your heart rate through an algorithm. The most notable of these apps that remain free is the “Instant Heart Rate: Heart Rate & Pulse Monitor” app by the company Azumio Inc.

Here’s another mind blower. Your phone can help you fix your car. That’s right. You can buy a $130-dollar add-on called an Automatic Pro that will plug into your car and tell you why the check engine light has appeared. It works almost universally among cars manufactured after 1996 and with iOS9 or higher on an iPhone and with Android 5.0 or higher. When it’s not plugged directly into your car, the device communicates through 3G with your phone and can update you with mechanical reports of your car and remembers where you parked even if your car is outside of its connected Bluetooth range.

You can also place legal sports bets while a live sporting event is taking place with your smartphone. HTML5 has allowed programmers to create a wide range of non-native web-based mobile apps that allow you to place legal sports bets with properly regulated offshore sportsbooks that are mobile friendly. Not only can place the bets, but you can do so while the games are taking place live with any sportsbook that offers live-betting.

Ok, one more. You can turn your phone into a thermal imaging camera. That’s not a set up to a joke. The Nokia block phones that could barely handle a 2-bit game of snake have evolved into a device that you can use to detect heat signatures. We are all James Bond these days. With a swift purchase of the Flir One, you will be able to see where all your poorly sealed windows are in the harsh winter. The camera add-on is 2/8 ounces and plugs into the chagrin port on your phone. It supports both Android and iPhones with a Lighting connector and sells for $222 on Amazon.

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