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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Web Hosting For Your Blog in 2021

Choosing the best WordPress hosting from millions of web hosting companies may look very difficult. But why compare so many hosting companies? I think it is always better to find real-time reviews shared by bloggers & webmasters.

As a blogger, I have used so many web hosting companies so far to host different websites and that’s why I can share the tips to choose the best web hosting plans for your website.

There are many top players in this field. Most of these companies are doing great business, but as per your need you have to choose one over another.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting For Your Blog?

To make this comparison easy & handy for my readers, I tried to consider a couple of points to choose a good hosting provider. And they are described below.


Costing is the key factor which stops many people to start a self-hosted WordPress blog. You will find many hosting companies offering very cheap prices. But the question is, are they really a good WordPress hosting provider?

Don’t just go by the cheapest price hosting, but off course there are some good hosting companies who offer cheaper plans. You can easily find many of the best WordPress hosting services are charging very low cost on their monthly plans.

But remember one thing, these prices are applicable only for your initial purchase term only, when you renew your hosting, you have to pay the actual price as most hosting companies don’t offer any renewal discount.

  • Have a low budget? Then go for shared hosting / WordPress hosting
  • Have a good budget? Then you must try Managed WordPress Hosting

If you really want to get a maximum discount on web hosting plans, then you must wait till Black Friday Web Hosting sale as during that period the majority of the web hosting companies gives deals of up to 98%.


Almost every hosting company offers phone and email support. Many of them also offer live chat support which is the key to their success. But still some hosting companies face huge criticism due to their bad response time.

So, make sure you are choosing a hosting provider who offers instant support, have a highly knowledgeable technical team who can address & fix your issue quickly.

The problem with any web hosting company is that they can go down anytime and even a few seconds of downtime can make a huge loss in your business. So, you need a dedicated support system which can be accessible at any time of the day and week, even 24X7X365.

Easy to Use cPanel

The beauty of WordPress hosting is the easy setups which anyone can perform using the web hosting cPanel. Many shared hosting plans don’t offer these many features which is a little tricky for a beginner.

But with a good WordPress hosting plan you can easily perform various tasks like adding an Addon domain, installing WordPress, creating email IDs, uploading files, taking backups etc.

These days, cPanels are becoming so easy to navigate that even a novice can also understand how to add a domain name, install WordPress, and create email accounts easily.


Security is the biggest worry for any kind of online business. For a webmaster to keep the website safe, one must install the SSL certificate. These days almost every top hosting company offers a free SSL certificate.

This will make sure that your cost load is less. Besides that, many hosting providers offer good caching systems, free backups, free cloud flare integration and many more ways to keep your website secure.

Even if you have to pay a little extra, one must go with a reputed & reliable hosting company who is providing good security, caching system and backup services with their plans. You should not compromise with your security measures, for just buying a cheap hosting plan.


Website speed has become a key criteria for ranking as well. Even from a user experience point of view also, if your website takes time to load compared to competitors then your website will lose the attraction and that’s a big concern in 2021.

Do you think your website speed only depends on the speed optimization you have done? Then let me tell you that your hosting company is also responsible for this. Yes, if your hosting plan isn’t able to load the pages fast because of using outdated technology (Non SSD hosting, not PHP7 upgrade), improper caching system etc. then you must switch your hosting plan to a better one.


So, these are the few key points one must keep in mind while buying a web hosting plan. If you’re a WordPress blogger then you can look for companies who offer WordPress hosting plans and make your life simpler. But as a beginner it is good to start with cheap shared hosting plans as your website will not have traffic and you can save money as well. Later on whenever you find your blog is growing you can easily shift to a better performance oriented hosting plan.

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