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How to choose an LMS for a compliance training program?

Compliance training is an indispensable part of scaling an organisation. As more employees join your team, they need to be familiarised with the local compliance laws and company policies.

The immense importance of compliance training demands an airtight plan, and execution of the training program. A learning management system can help streamline the whole process, making it easier to create compliance courses, while ensuring flawless reporting of the results.

However, in order to enjoy these advantages, business owners need to choose the right LMS. In this article, we will discuss the various features that you must look for in your compliance training LMS (learning management system).

Let’s jump right into it:

Availability of Training Material

When it comes to compliance training, there are many topics that are common for businesses in one industry. This makes it easier to find ready-made fragments for your compliance training course.

Look for an LMS that offers excellent quality compliance training content that is most relevant to your business. This way, you will be able to minimise the time and effort that goes into creating the compliance training course, while still ensuring delivery of high-quality course material to your employees.

Automated Reporting and Reminders

Monitoring training progress, completions, and generating certifications are must-have features for any learning management system. For compliance training, look for an LMS that lets you automate this process, so you can concentrate on more important matters, such as smooth delivery of the training material.

Similarly, in order to make life easier for the trainees, and in turn, to ensure a positive response for your compliance training, look for an LMS that has the ability to send out automated reminders to trainees and stakeholders about upcoming deadlines or other important events.

The Ability To Compartmentalise

Not all facets of compliance training are relevant to every employee. To ensure maximum efficiency, it is critical to understand the training needs of different departments of your business, and compartmentalise the course material and delivery accordingly.

The ability to compartmentalise and track the progress of different departments, thus becomes an indispensable feature to look for in your next LMS. This feature will also help you fortify the effectiveness of your compliance training.

By simply making managers accountable for the progress of their respective departments, you can add another layer of oversight that ensures your organisation gets the most out of the time, effort, and money that goes into compliance training.

Automated Recertification

Certain certifications need to be renewed from time-to-time. Keeping track of these schedules is not just difficult, but since the recertification dates are usually months apart, there is also considerable room for human error.

An LMS that sends out automatic reminders to managers and stakeholders about upcoming recertification dates will help you eliminate any room for human error in the process, effectively safeguarding your organisation from the consequences of non-compliance.


With a mobile-ready LMS, stakeholders and trainees can access the course material and all relevant data on the go. This will help you ensure better completion rates since the trainees can then complete the course without being bound by geographical or time-related restrictions.


The best way to measure the effectiveness of a learning management system against your needs is to run a pilot course. In essence, create a mini version of your compliance course and execute it through the LMS. Make sure that you monitor the entire process, from enrollment through certification to be able to identify any shortcomings of the LMS or any workflow gaps that may be hindering efficiency.

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