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Apple’s 8k VR/AR Headset to Hit Shelves in 2020 – What Can We Expect

Codenamed T288, the new Apple VR/AR headset, will feature dual 8k displays and will be launched in 2020.

No longer a secret or rumour, and instead a reality, Apple really has developed headset that is virtual reality and augmented reality capable. For many, this will create similar levels of excitement that were witnessed when they first released the first edition iPhone.

Apple expanding into more than just a smartphone company?

Apple has long been associated with mobile technology, but this VR/AR headset is another signal of intent from the company to expand into other areas. The iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch are where their attentions are usually focused, but it now seems that they are spreading their wings.

Apple has previously shown that they have the innovation to make it in the field of virtual and augmented reality. This is obvious via their AR resource kit.

They face quite the competition, however. Oculos is currently leading the pack, which also includes HTC. They have already released a headset that is available for just $200. Additionally, they will certainly be planning their own 2020 model, which will directly compete with the T288.

There is further evidence that Apple has been making moves to develop devices in this field. They have acquired many firms over the years that specialize in virtual reality and/or augmented reality. This includes Emotient, Metaio, and Faceshift. While they will have worked on other technologies for Apple such as face recognition for their mobile devices, there is little doubt that they will be heavily involved in the t288 project and all VR/AR-related projects going forward.

What can we expect from the new headset?

Currently, most VR/AR headsets are only capable of 4k resolution, but Apple is aiming to double that by producing one with 8k resolution displays for each eye. The addition of augmented reality provides greater possibilities for software developers hoping to utilise the T288. AR differs from VR in that it allows the creation of digital elements being added to the real world (think Pokemon GO or Snapchat selfies with rabbit ears).

Furthermore, the T288 will not rely on a computer or smartphone and can run individually. It will be able to run as a standalone headset in the same way that competitors such as the Samsung Gear. Instead, the T288 will get its processing power from a separate box sent with the headset. This contains the processor, the WiFi technology, and everything else the headset requires to run.

How does it fare against competitors?

The T288 will not be the first 8k VR/AR ever developed, but it may be the first to hit the consumer market. Primax were the first to develop such a project but still have not delivered headset to their major backers, let alone the public.

It is the 8k resolution where the T288 will stand out over the HTC VIVE headset. Aside from that, however, the VIVE is making strides itself to become wireless and already has a couple of products that are favourably priced on the market. We are fairly sure that Apple will struggle to match the price points set by HTC, but then again, Apple has always managed to sell its products at a premium.


2020 is an exciting time for those that have waited for high quality virtual and augmented reality devices. These technologies are really taking strides forward and with Apple now involved, you know that they will strive towards developing the best VR/AR headsets on the market. For more gadget info check out

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