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Published on April 9th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Facebook and Instagram Videos Can Now be Played in WhatsApp

Nowadays Instagram is one of the best social networks and has become favorite to watch videos and see photos from anywhere anytime.

After every update it becomes a very powerful and most entertaining social network to have fun, watching photos and videos but it is very difficult to download photos and videos because Instagram doesn’t provide you any feature for downloading.

As Mark Zuckerberg now owns Facebook and WhatsApp, so you may be thinking that there has to be a way when both of these apps must sync, but still, you may not have to find the right way.

However, there is a lot of application and software which can help you through this difficult work, but in actual it is not, your URLs can simplify the game for you.

Many times we got stuck and do not bother for special videos when they are Instagram or Facebook, only because the person we are trying to end is our WhatsApp friend or is not available at Facebook, the only hurdle int his mission is the sharing option, which is still not possible.

In this article, we will discuss, this possibility. You can have some other solutions as well, but I am only sharing the one which I found as the best.

The most difficult thing is to track down the videos from the URL when we usually share the video from Facebook to WhatsApp, we come to see a URL, which can be opened again on WhatsApp, but usually, it is not possible for those who have not got Facebook or do not know about Facebook, you may be thinking who is that angel, but elderly people our grandparents do not know about ti, and usually they rely on only on the WhatsApp app.

As a matter of fact, it is quite obvious from the last five years that people are more inclined to WhatsApp rather than to Facebook, this is not alarming, because we tend to see a lot of irrelevant data on Facebook which can be annoying, but for those who have just shifted to WhatsApp, they direly need to share the same data on WhatsApp as well, they cannot download each video and then share it with the WhatsApp friends.

Keeping in view all these requirements, there is a dire need of having some software which can transfer videos from Facebook to WhatsApp, or even from Instagram, earlier Instagram did not have this, but now there is IGTV which means that there will be videos worth watching and sharing, as a lot of people have started their business on IGTV as well, you do not worry about youtube, those who were working there are still fine it is just wind of change.

Basically you can easily download videos and stories with the help of Instagram video downloader including Instadwonloaderpro and many more. After downloading videos and photos you can easily share them with your friends and family by the WhatsApp. Now everyone can easily their Instagram videos, stories and photos with the help of third-party applications.

Facebook and Instagram Videos Can Now be Played in WhatsApp:

When you want to share a YouTube, Instagram or Facebook video with any friend or family member, one of the most direct options is to do it through WhatsApp. That is the messaging application that most people use by default. And sharing videos has now made it easier than ever.

Until recently, when we shared a video from any other Mark Zuckerberg platform in WhatsApp chat, we only saw a blue URL appear. Clicking on the link took the user off WhatsApp: the official Facebook or Instagram application would open, as appropriate.

When the video shared by WhatsApp comes from YouTube, on the other hand, the messaging application is capable of displaying a preview of the content and playing it in a small floating window. Without leaving WhatsApp it is possible to watch the full video, move it to the corner of the chat that bothers us least or stop, go forward and put it in full screen. This is how it can be done from now on in the new version of WhatsApp for iOS.

The Novelty Comes Exclusively, For Now, For iOS:

If someone sends us a video from Instagram or Facebook to our WhatsApp and we have updated to the latest version of this application on an iPhone, we can also see a preview and consume the video without leaving the conversation. This will be played in a floating window with play buttons, as we see currently happening with YouTube links.

This novelty is currently arriving exclusively on WhatsApp for iOS, with no official plans to make its landing on the Android version. In addition, it comes along with other interesting changes that will allow group administrators to delete other administrators or decide who has access to edit the information related to that group (title, description, and icon.

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