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5 New Technical Advancements That Are Revolutionising The Restaurant Industry

There is an age old adage that says that good food is all you need to run a successful restaurant. And while this saying might have held true even a decade ago, the millennials of today expect a lot more from their dining out experience than just good food.

The rise of fast food places as well as food delivery services has made the modern restaurant goer a very impatient bunch and often one of the most important factors that decides whether they’re coming back to the eatery again is dependent on the quality of service they receive while they are there.

Now, for a busy restaurant with a lot of influx of customers, it often becomes difficult to maintain efficiency and often human error is the cause for delays in serving or preparing food as well as erroneous billing- all of which leads to a dissatisfied customer.

So how do you overcome these roadblocks and ensure that your customers always ahva positive experience at your eatery? With new tech of course! So read on to find out how these 5 amazing tech products can change your restaurant for the better!

1. A Digitized Point of Sale System

As cards and mobile payments become increasingly more popular, the modern cash register must equip itself to evolve with these changes or risk losing out on a large chunk of tech savvy customers.This is where a digital Point of Sale System or POS comes in really handy. It can expedite the payment process for customers by a whole lot and as an added bonus it also eliminates the human error which means cashiers can go through orders much faster. That’s not all though, most of the modern POS systems are connected with a central hub that let’s it auto apply coupons and discounts for first time as well as regular customers which has been found to increase customer loyalty by a fair margin.

2. Pole Display

Now one of the things that holds up the line at the front end of the restaurant are indecisive customers who cannot figure out what they want. With a pole display you can help ease that process by giving them a visual idea of what they have ordered and how much it would hurt their wallet. Of course as an added benefit it also rules out errors in customers or servers ordering the wrong dish as they can see the food they have ordered come up before them on the display in real time!

3. Guest Management

The modern world lives and breathes on the Internet and thus even for a restaurant it becomes vitally important to have its presence across as many platforms as possible. With a guest management or a reservation system on board, that task is made much simpler. A restaurant waitlist app can show potential customers how many tables are open at the restaurant and also notify someone when the restaurant is fully reserved so that people who turn up at the eatery don’t have a frustrating experience waiting for tables to clear up. And it’s not just that, an advanced guest management system also consists of customer facing tablets that can take in orders at the table and thus saves precious time and waiting staff resources.

4. The Kitchen Display System

The backend of any restaurant is a high pressure workplace where one mistake can cause a domino effect that leads to multiple orders getting delayed or at worst food quality being compromised. In such a sensitive work environment, printed order slips are very likely to be misplaced or even at times completely ignored. This is why a Kitchen Display System with bumper bars is integral to the smooth working of every medium to large sized establishment. The digital display makes sure that the chefs are notified of each order as soon as they are punched in through the POS system upfront and the included inventory management system makes sure that the kitchen is well stocked and never runs out of popular dishes

5. Controller

This is the brain of your business, the system that all of your other tech like the KDS and POS plug into The controller is responsible for keeping all the individual components running on track and is quite literally the control center of your restaurant! An advanced controller can handle inventory management, staffing as well as make changes to menus and themes depending on seasonal produce and the chef’s availability.

At the end of the day, if you are a restaurant owner, you’re probably really passionate about the food you serve and the experience you provide to your customers. And these technologies are all custom built so that you can concentrate on the food and the people while leaving the mundane to be handled by intelligent automation.

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