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Published on May 29th, 2020 | by Sunit Nandi


Residential, Industrial and Commercial Electricians – Know the Difference

Most of us don’t seem to care much when calling in an electrician and have little interest to know if they are a commercial electrician or industrial electrician. Well, in order to become a savvy customer, you must know the diversities in this field and different types of electricians. While their basic education and foundation skills might be similar, but their extended training and application of their knowledge can vary.


The Commercial Electrician and What He Does?

Commercial electricians must carry a high school diploma, attend classes, and follow a commercial electrician apprentice program. Along with that, they need to have about eight to ten thousand hours of work experience, and in addition, they need to pass an exam too. You will find him working in retail stores, business offices, restaurants, malls, and other such areas. The commercial electrician jobs include the installation of specific equipment and perform common electrical repairs and take care of the transformers, generators, wiring, and general requirements of the area. In addition, you can also get confirmation from the local licensing board and check whether there are any complaints filed against the electrician who is working for any of your commercial project.

The Residential Electrician

Residential electricians, too, hold a diploma, attend classes and complete the apprenticeship program, and they carry the job experience needed. These electricians are seen working in homes and apartments and use single-phase power supplies.

The Industrial Electrician

  • Just like residential and commercial electricians, the Industrial electricians too must carry a high school diploma, complete apprenticeship program, pass the competency exam, and carry certain hours of work experience.
  • Each state has a specific exam module for the electrician’s examination. After clearing the exam, the license gets issued.
  • These electricians must carry a detailed understanding of the electrical requirements of the industries and different procedures of wiring in industrial plants.
  • These electricians work in complex manufacturing and production facilities such as chemical, mining, food processing, automotive, and pharmaceutical. They troubleshoot electronics and controls and look after the industry’s process equipment.

Whatever kind of electrician you need, residential or commercial electrician, he should be qualified, hard-working, and experienced. He should excel in his field and carry a good reputation. He should meet your needs.

The amount that a commercial electrician earns is more than the residential one

The residential electricians earn less than commercial electricians while the Industrial electricians’ income is the maximum and more than the commercial electrician salary. However, depending on the area and industry you work for, the work for commercial and industrial electricians involves different projects that they need to adapt to. Every day, they are working in different working conditions with various needs and specs, and it can be a challenge. You get to know from a host of commercial electrician list and hire them accordingly. They are hired and employed by individual employers, states and also trade unions depending on the need and requirement.

Any kind of electrician, if he is willing to invest in himself and willing to work hard can be successful in any field. As you can see that an electrician is not based on “one size fits all,” and one should know the kind of electrical they would need before hiring them. Different electricians follow different wiring techniques and work on different equipment, and this is why their work experiment differs from each other. There is also a need for obtaining the GED certificate which makes the electrician stand out from the crowd. This is why it is of utmost importance for you to know your electrician, his work experience, and if he is the right choice for you.

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