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Secure the Privacy of Your Team’s Messages With VIPole

Nowadays, people seem to be much more aware about their privacy than ever before. Most likely, this fact is strongly related to the whole NSA/Snowden scandal, which was a true blast for the subject of privacy. After the scandal, other news arose, stating that other popular apps were not exactly privacy-friendly.

There were then several messaging services announcing increased concerns and features to protect the privacy of their users. While some were just misleading users into a safe sense of security, some of those services were actually fighting to deliver a secure messenger app: VIPole is one of the best examples of this, so let’s get to meet this service.

VIPole is a secure instant messenger aimed not only at individuals, but teams and enterprises as well. It offers reinforced security and true end-to-end encryption, ensuring the needed privacy for sensitive data such as chats, messages, calls and files by protecting from eavesdropping and interception.

On an age where multi-platform functionality is quintessential, as people can use an OS X computer at work, have an Android smartphone and then use a Windows computer at home, VIPole delivers greatly by supporting all major platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS (this one is still on the beta testing stage of development).

This is a very complete messaging service in terms of security and privacy, given that it offers multilevel security and end-to-end encryption of all data stored and transferred within VIPole, a software architecture that prevents disclosing user data and ensures data privacy, and full user control on any sent message, file and stored data. In addition, VIPole has some other useful features to find in a messaging service, like file manager, task manager, calendar with reminders help keep important data safe and at hand, as well as backup and sync.

VIPole is free to use for individual users. A professional use for the service, as well as it being used by teams and corporate servers, requires the subscription of premium plans. VIPole has recently announced the introduction of a bonus program, that rewards users that invite new people to join in.

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