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The Indie Party is a Political Party Trying to Attract the Interest of Millennials

In recent years, people tend to not be interested in politics, getting some sense of apathy towards it. This is not a recent phenomenon, but recently millennials seem to be interested in politics – albeit not the most traditional ways of doing politics. It seems that millennials do want to play a role in the society they live in, but they also want to do things differently.

If we close the scope to focus on the United States of America, a poll by Gallup held last year showed that 6 in every ten Americans believe that a third party is needed. Knowing all of these facts, a new and innovative alternative to the traditional way of doing politics has just arrived: meet The Indie Party.

This a movement that wants to change the way politics works in the US, starting by the way parties raise money. Harnessing the recent craze about cryptocurrencies, The Indie Party launched its own ICO token, called Indie Token (IND), which is what powers their entire movement.

In addition, the political side of The Indie Party is also strong, as they have the goal to elect their candidates, aiming to do their job among and between the two established political parties. The first candidate is Jonathan Jenkins, who is trying to be on the ballot for the 2018 General Election in Texas, happening on November 6.

By having this mix of candidates that are out of the traditional and formatted ways, along with the use of powerful technology such as blockchain, The Indie Party aims to increase the overall transparency of politics, be it financially, physically or digitally.

In this sense, The Indie Party will have physical “pop up” spaces, which will appear in population centers all across the country. In these spaces, anyone can learn more about this movement, its mission and core values, as well as become engaged with The Indie Party.

The first of these spaces appeared in this year’s edition of SXSW, which also served as the movement’s first public presentation.

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