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Most Commonly Bought Items Online [Infographic]

Many people love shopping: be it to de-stress, just to window shop, or go to the malls and look around. Due to the advancement of technology, shopping became more readily available to everyone, thanks to ecommerce and online shopping. Online shops began to pop like mushrooms, while established companies transitioned to the digital world by setting up their own websites, or putting up their mobile apps, where customers—new and frequent, can shop til they drop anytime, anywhere.

Since its boom from the 90s, more and more trends and innovation are expected to take the world of online shopping and e-commerce by storm. Another reason for e-consumers to have the best, least-hassle form of shopping they know.

With the hopes of improving the quality of experience for online buyers and sellers alike and therefore succeed in the retail industry, it is essential to study the behavior of consumers and monitored the trends of their purchases. Analysts and researchers have summarized the wants and needs of customers they buy online.

This infographic shows the list of the most commonly bought items online, and the various factors why consumers choose to buy them with just a few clicks and taps.

Infographic Credits: Sign Within

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