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3 Features to Include in Your Very Own Doctor Booking App

While there are many people who will argue that technology has made things worse over the years, a lot of the evidence points towards the opposite, take the medical industry as an example. As technology has grown in the medical industry, patients have been receiving better treatment for their issues.

As the world becomes increasingly dominated by smartphones, medical technology is gradually moving from the computer to smart devices. Apps for booking medical appointments are some of the most popular ones on the market, and today, we’re going to discuss what features need to be included when you create a doctor booking app.

A Way to Instantly Message Your Physician

While a booking app will need to contain basic elements so that you can schedule your visits, the first of the extra features you may want to include is a way to get in direct contact with the doctor. Life isn’t perfect, and unexpected situations pop up all the time, and giving the user a way to interact with the doctor can prevent a lot of issues.

The actual way that the user gets in contact with their doctor is up to the designer. One option would be to include a direct message functionality in the app. You can also give the doctor the option to link their phone number to the app so that patients can call them directly through it.

Appointment History

Once an appointment has been completed, users should be able to reference it afterward. It’s important to include a basic history functionality in a medical appointment app, as that will make it easier for users to keep track of how often they’ve been going to the doctor.

Whether a user wants to keep their prescriptions updated or if they have a condition that requires regular check-ups, an appointment history will simply make their lives easier. A lot of app developers forget smaller, quality of life features like this one far too often, and their apps suffer for it.

Allow for Multiple Users

Another helpful feature to include in a doctor booking app would be the option to sign in different users to help keep track of several appointments through the same app. Some family members may not have their own smartphone, but this will still allow them to sign in and check their appointment info.

Of course, you’ll want to implement security features like password locks to ensure that nobody goes snooping around in someone else’s medical information. However, this added bit of functionality can help make it easier for families to manage their appointments on the same device.


A doctor booking app is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your medical appointments, but there are a few crucial things that developers usually forget when putting them together. We hope that this guide has managed to sum them up.



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