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Telco’s Transition to VoIP and Why it is so Important

Wireless and landline providers are in the middle of a switch that will be as groundbreaking as the results of joining the implementation of SS7, the retreat of cord-board operators and the evolution of the telecom industry to digital from analog.


Although there are hefty repercussions for the telco industry core, there are even larger ones for those businesses that observe the disconnection of the TDM / SS7 network over the next 7 years. Customers have been reassured by the FCC that the majority of voice equipment will be interoperable as TDM switches become obsolete. However, organizations will, ultimately, need to make the transition to VoIP and similar IP communication platforms if they have not done so already.

The reduced cost of energy, network maintenance, physical head office space and radio spectrum usage (this includes VoLTE for wireless providers) are key factors that drive the business-based argument for implementing VoIP as an essential telco service plan. Yet, there are additional opportunities being created by telcos for an array of new services.

Moreover, and as organizations are already familiar with, VoIP offers a foundation for quick adoption of more instantaneous communication services, like video integration and other similar collaboration avenues. Organizations also understand that employees are eager for a selection of communication devices, such as desk phones, laptops and smartphones, while also being able to decide amongst a range of video, voice and messaging platforms.

Telcos are increasing their chances of being able to comprise cloud-based interpersonal information and collaboration services that they offer on virtual networks, in the not-so-distant future, based on the IP infrastructures that they are currently building.

With all of that being said, it will be exciting to see how swiftly these services will progress with the wide range of VoIP migration supplies that carriers are able to offer.

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