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How to Ensure Your Business Has the IT Support It Needs

We’re living in an age of shrinking offices. Digital and mobile technologies have created a world in which anything is possible as long as you have a Wifi connection. It’s certainly true that physical office space is no longer an obligation for businesses. It’s one of many options and, like all the rest, it is changing at a rapid rate.

For instance, technology is now the top priority for most companies when it comes to corporate real estate. They need fast internet speeds, robust networking capabilities, best in class software, and custom IT support. These are the things that determine how smoothly a business operates, rather than the number of desks or length of the contract.

For this reason, Servcorp executive offices are popular with businesses that need constant connectivity. Keep reading to learn more.

Fast Internet Guaranteed

Firstly, executive offices provide all tenants with super-fast fibre broadband. This is a guarantee and comes with every one of their managed leases. When working with a premium provider, you can expect speeds of between 100Mb and 1GB.

You shouldn’t consider a lease if it cannot deliver these kinds of speeds. Fast, reliable broadband is an essential part of the workplace. It affects web development, digital marketing, data transfers, and internal and external communications, among other things.

Hassle Free Communications

You need a robust internet connection to stay in touch with suppliers, investors, customers, and other affiliates. There are hundreds of lines of communication to choose from, including software like Skype and WhatsApp. However, it’s worth considering a centralised solution.

For instance, Servcorp executive offices carry a unique OneFone system. It processes and redirects calls, so you don’t miss important messages when off-site. With very little user intervention, the technology makes and receives calls as if coming directly from the workspace.

IT Support ‘On Demand’

Perhaps most important is the availability of IT support at these executive offices. It’s no good having the finest networking equipment in the States if there’s nobody to help you master it. Fortunately, executive providers have onsite experts for dealing with tech issues and enquiries.

In fact, even when the building slows down for the night, and the facility staff goes home, there’s a 24/7 hotline for tenants to call. No matter what time of the day or night you find yourself working, IT support is at the other end of the phone.

One Monthly Payment

These resources are not exclusive to executive suites, though they are rarely as reliable and easy to access. The thing that makes them really special is the price. When you choose an executive office, you get an inclusive contract that covers basic utilities.

While all vendors have their own definition of ‘essential,’ the majority include super-fast broadband, IT support, phone systems, heating, lighting, and general maintenance in the monthly fee. It means you don’t have to pay any extra to keep your business connected.

Why Executive Offices Send the Right Message

There are lots of reason to choose an executive office, and access to world-class IT facilities is just one of them. As already mentioned, these leases cover all basic and core utilities. They are fully managed and cared for by the provider.

This allows tenants to focus on growing and developing, rather than channelling their energies into menial, trivial tasks. Furthermore, these offices are very highly regarded. Securing a place here is a move that increases brand credibility and professionalism.

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