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With SprintX, startups can launch their own ICO with ease

Cryptocurrency appears to have revolutionized our digital world. Not only has Bitcoin caused a “gold rush” for this kind of electronic currencies, the underlying technology, Blockchain, has also turned a lot of heads, with some even going as far as saying that this technology has the potential to change our society.

One of the latest tendencies in the cryptocurrency niche has to do with ICOs, or Initial Coin Offering. They are similar to IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), but are based on a cryptocurrency (often called “token”) that is produced by the company responsible for that ICO. It is a way for companies to raise capital, without the downside of losing equity – the term “crowdfinancing” is very self-explanatory to describe ICOs.

Despite seeming something easy to implement, it is not, and mostly because not all companies have the knowledge nor the technical capabilities to launch such an operation. Enter SprintX, an ICO maker for startups which also features an integrated exchange. They are currently preparing a custom token, which will enter pre-sale in less than a week.

Working in conjunction with SwitchX as a multifunctional Exchange, SprintX helps startups easily get the benefits brought by the blockchain technology, namely smartcontracts. By being automatically linked to the Exchange SwitchX, it saves the startups a lot of effort, and SprintX also has banking entities available for converting to fiat currency, simply by using a debit card.

Brigham Santos, CEO of SprintX, also vouches for the role that blockchain technology will have in the financial world, stating that ” the current financial system has not been able to serve startups effectively for many years”. Regarding the fears that some people have regarding the safety of ICOs, Santos is crystal clear:

“Our platform is about as far away from a pyramid scheme as you can get. Our vetting process, expert guidance and top-notch advisors put so many failsafes in place that any ‘pyramid-like companies’ would be pushed aside quickly. We at SprintX want to set the bar for high quality ICOs starting with LATAM based ideas. Each stage our companies will be lead through is done with tremendous business discipline to make sure our investors are comfortable with each stage of the process.”

SprintX really is the best option for any startup to enter the world of ICO, as it opens up all the potential the cryptocurrency market has to offer.

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